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A search for "Osama Bin Laden Seal Team 6" on Amazon lists nine more or less legitimate non-fiction books on the take down of the world's most wanted terrorist. I've read the top two books on that list:

The first I read was SEAL Target Geronimo: The Inside Story of the Mission to Kill Osama bin Laden by Chuck Pfarrer.

Ex-SEAL Pfarrer's book was written after he talked to guys who went on the raid and were willing to talk to him.

The second book (and by far the most reveling) is:

Ex-SEAL Matt Bissonnette's book No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama Bin Laden by Mark Owen* and Kevin Maurer.

Bissonnette's book (*Was written under the nom de plume "Mark Owen" however Matt was soon exposed by an idiot at Fox News. But his pseudonym still resides on the book jacket) is a first hand blow by blow step by step account of the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden.

There are no long dull chapters about Matt's childhood or how hard SEAL training is. This book gets straight to the point, the very sharp point at the tip of the spear that defends America.

There have been several versions of the event put forth by politicians wrestling for credit and the microphone immediately after the event who hadn't built the intelligence infrastructure nor the Special Ops infrastructure that brought OBL down so it's good to get the facts from someone who was actually there and pumped some bullets into the terrorist responsible for killing almost 3000 people.

By reading No Easy Day you'll see the direct link from Gitmo to Abbottabad.

In No Easy Day Matt talks about training strategies but doesn't describe them in any detail other than what you'd see on an episode of "Cops" or some SWAT movie.

If it hadn't been for some idiot at Fox News you'd still know him only by his pseudonym "Mark Owen" so "seeking glory" hardly seems to have been the motive for writing this book.

In the book you'll learn that extra training was done for the benefit of nervous Nellie higher ups in D.C. and for 'dog & pony' shows for said higher ups. However the OBL raid was little different from hundreds of other raids that SEALs have made since 9/11 and, aside from the notoriety of the target, was just another "kill or capture" raid as far as the SEALs were concerned.

I'm a bit of an aficionado of these things and I can truthfully tell you that there was nothing in the book (or the on the 60 Minutes TV show) that I haven't seen or read about before so I don't buy the "reveling national security secrets" whining by bureaucrats who wanted bragging rights to the claim of having edited No Easy Day.

Our side doesn't kill women and children so any terrorist wanting to know how the SEALs (or other Special Operations units) work would simply have had to interview any of the wives & children of OBL or any of the other terrorists we've taken out over the years since 9/11 with bloody boots on the ground instead of the flash BANG! of a drone fired Hellfire missile.

Terrorism vs. counter terrorism is an evolving engagement as headlines about shoe bombers, underwear bombers and exploding printer ink cartridges tell us.

A goodly portion of the profits from No Easy Day go to SEAL charities listed in the back of the book which I'm sure you'll enjoy!
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