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In reading the Foolanthropy charity descriptions I noted that some of them had pledged to use none or only a limited percent of TMF-related contributions for overhead expenses.

So what do they do, just not pay their salaried people for a month when they otherwise would have? Send out their mail without postage on it? Of course not, they just pay them more from other contribution sources to whom they have not made such promise. But that makes no difference whatsoever. Their expenses are what they are, and have to be allocated from each contribution proportionately.

I stand ready to be corrected, hope so even, but stuff like that seems to be rather insulting to the contributors' intelligence.

(I suggest that this is targetted more at TMF than the charities themselves, I have no reason to believe the charities with such clauses in their description are any less efficient or less valid than those without it.)
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How true, the administration of this ministry is not free. Fortunately, Lifewater (and I suspect the other charities on this drive), has a stable of donors that have been with us for a while, convinced we are doing what we say, and want us to grow -- so they cover our overhead with a gift marked "General Funds", knowing this is the most difficult to fund.

We try to pledge to new donors that we will use their gifts 100% on a project so the report they receive will have a personal feeling of their money really did something for a place and a people. After that, many join with regular gifts knowing that they are a partner with the whole world wide ministry.

We were not intending to insult your intelligence, there was just not enough room in the description on the website to explain these details. Thanks for asking the hard questions.

Hope this helps.

Bill Ashe
Lifewater International
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