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The U.S. has found a solution for the problem they have been having, for over two years, with rocket motor problems in their AIM-120 AMRAAM air-to-air missiles (and Sparrow missiles, which use a motor from the same manufacturer). The solution was to find another supplier who could produce rocket motors that worked. That turned out to be Norwegian ammunition manufacturer Nammo which has delivered 125 rocket motors so far and will soon be delivering a hundred motors a month. The former supplier, ATK, is still fixing the problem it had, which was the result of changing the formula for the rocket propellant several times to comply with environmental regulations. This led to their rocket motors becoming unreliable. It took over two years to sort all this out.

AMRAAM entered service two decades ago as a successor to Sparrow. Until recently, there have never been problems with the rocket motors. But as a result of the rocket problem, and the inability to fix it,
no AMRAAM missiles have been delivered for two years.

I dunno combine this tidbit with my Hanger Queens thread; I am starting to have serious doubts of our defense manufacturers capability.
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It's going 'stupid' at an accelerating rate. Like after Nam.

Primary Comms: -155 SATCOM radios at unit/platoon/squad level that won't be available post EMP.

It's just like my 1980s questioning wrt EMP proofing Nuke Alert fast ride vehicles.

Those who don't learn from History....
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