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Now I'd bet quite a bit on the fact that the environmental impact of money spent through the DoD is, by far, more carefully managed and controlled than the money spent through say Social Security.


How much?

Impossible to tell since the DOD cannot even audit itself and has been unable to for almost a decade...GAO has failed them every audit for some time.

This invites waste, corruption, and mis-management; the case of the billions of dollars unaccounted for in Iraq is a good example.,2763,1522983,00.html

(note that this is a tangles web with multiple departements invovled which is another way to make it almost impossible to track down)

And how will we find out the facts?

Anymore it is difficult...secrets, secrets, secrets.....generally we find out about the complete lack of oversight and care in certain projects only years or decades later; example is the purposeful release of radiation from Hanford to see have far it would travel (Washington State) with no regard for the damage to land, water, animals, or the unknowning public.

And is this too political for this board? (I think it might be.)


Not really since the waste of hundreds of billions of dollars on things such as useless military boondoggles (Star Wars) impacts our retirement in every way...higher taxes, creation of companies that cannot exist without gubmint pork, creation of instability in other nations political systems they all impact our retirements.

Note I will use the military budget often as a starting point since it is so huge, has many oversight problems anymore, and is one of our largest greenhouse gas emmiters who often desire to be outside of environmental law.

A more transparent government with good oversight would have many advantages.

Take the big three eaters of dollars in our government; I exclude SS and medicare since they are seperately funded with thier own taxes (and SS is running a positive at this time) and should be examined as stand alone programs......that leaves for the most part Health and Welfare (a mish-mash of programs), the Military, and Debt service.

The danger signal we all should be looking at is the fact that Debt Service is eating such a large proportion of the real Federal Government wise is it that your third biggest expenditure is debt?

The military costs are pure waste in almost every way (ask President Eisenhower), and honestly should be viewed as our largest welfare program within the government (think about it) and our history...from a utility of money viewpoint it creates mostly nothing of value, it takes from other programs every year, and it is always a temptation to use it (when you only have a hammer every problem looks like a nail). Being the world is the way it is, and people being people, a military is a need yet the trick is always to keep it under control and have only the size that you really must have rather than a parnoid dream of what you wish you had (or what some welfore corporation thinksyou should have).

Remember this says nothing about the people within the system (military-industrial-political machine), they vary from brilliant caring patriots to seemingly venal mindless uncaring nutjobs (at least some), it is a critique of what is in effect a huge jobs training program and an ever growing corporate welfare program which is in effect eating my retirement, yours, our childrens, and our grandchildrens.

We need to be aware of it, talk about it, and address it.

Many other of pur government programs (FArm subsidies) are more and more aimed at welfare for the wealthy and the big corporations; a return to the 1800's graft and spoils systems in almost every way which is destroying our democracy while also ignoring real dangers heading our way.

The recent Executive order placing political ideolouges within each area of the government to vet and edit all information from each department is a spoils system with a hidden agenda of stifling good information flow to the public. Without good data how can any of use make good decisions for our retirement?
(this by the way appears no different than the USSR installation of political officers during the height of the communist dictatorship)

All these subjects are political but worth thrashing out....and really in almost every way they are neither liberal or conservative and the use of those words as perjoratives should be avoided....those that constantly use these words as sneers, jibes, and attacks are best just ignored while the more interested can walk through the real issues.

Just my take though.

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