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Here's my take on Obama's best move now:

He should say that his great vision, which you voted for in 2008, can still become a reality. The problem has been with congress blocking every step we try to take Forward. Partisan bickering has also played a major role in blocking Progress.

In the recent debate, Romney talked about the ability he showed as Governor to reach across the aisle and find compromise. His heart is in the right place there, but unfortunately his abilities just aren't enough. Whereas Obama... well, there's the ticket. Obama is, after all, the great uniter, the one who, time after time, bought leaders from both parties in Congress together in the White House to work on the important issues.

It's time now to tap into this vision Obama has of working on the issues, instead of on the partisan agendas. And here's his bold plan: a new vision, that puts the United back in the United States. How? Romney for president. Yes, Romney for president... but wait... Obama's not losing his mind here. Obama, making a great personal sacrifice for Americans, will leave the Presidency in January to fulfill the office of Chairman of Congress.

Yes, as Chairman of Congress, Obama will unite both parties and, working with Romney who now becomes part of the Obamney coalition, create an unprecedented bi-partisan alliance to Bring Progress Forward. But you, the American voter, have to help. How? By voting in as many Democrats to congress as possible, helping to end the gridlock that's been fueled by the Republicans. With a Democrat-controlled congress, and with Obama as Chairman of Congress working together with President Romney, there's no limit to the Progress that can be made.

In this bold new America, Barack Obama as Chairman of Congress heads the legislative, and most important, branch of government; John Roberts as Chief Justice heads the judicial branch; and by the way, heading up the almost-insignificant executive branch will be Mitt Romney as President. Obama, in his years of teaching about the constitution, came to realize that although the founders wrote about a leader for the judicial branch and a leader for the executive branch, in their haste to win approval they left the leader for the legislative branch up to future generations. And that time is now.

And it's so simple... just three steps. 1: Vote in Democrat congressmen. 2: Vote in Romney as token head of the executive branch (that is, president). 3: The new congress, free of Republican gridlock, establishes the office of Chairman with Obama in place.

Now, why is this Obama's best move? Here's why:

- There's really no good outlook on his present path running for President, which has two routes. One, he loses. That leaves him as ex-President Obama, who finally gets Carter off the "worst president" hook. Two, he wins. Four more years of getting nothing done. That leaves him as ex-President Obama, who finally gets Carter off the "worst president" hook. See? No difference. No up side.

- And where is there to go after President? There's no higher office in the US... yet. That's the beauty of Chairman of Congress. Clearly, the Chairman of the Board is a higher office than President in modern corporate structure. So of course the Chairman of Congress will be more prestigious than President. And of course become the new Leader of the Free World (or formerly-free, as the case may be).

- Even if he wins as President, the term is only 4 years. What's the term for Chairman? Well, President is 4, Chief Justice is lifetime, so even in all modesty Chairman should be somewhere in between. Say, 40 years? So which is better... 4 years as President, or 40 even more prestigious years as Chairman?

- The President has Air Force One. Big deal. The Chairman will have a brand-new Air Force Alpha. Much better perk.

- The powers of the President are tangled up in sections of the Constitution and a bunch of confusing court rulings. The powers of Chairman and pretty much whatever Congress votes into being. There's nothing (much) in the Constitution limiting the Chairman, seeing as how that position isn't even mentioned.

- You may ask, why would Romney go along with this? Who cares whether Romney goes along or not? Obama can forge ahead regardless. With a veto-proof super-Democrat Congress, he won't need President Romney's cooperation anyway. "President" will be so passé with Obama as Chairman.

- Just think of the media splash. No major-party candidate for President has ever endorsed the opposing party's candidate! It shows Obama can think outside the box. He really CAN reach out to the other side. Yes he can! Yes he can!

- And how does Romney respond? "No, don't vote for Romney"? Hmmm... that doesn't quite work, does it?

- Plus, Obama scores big points with the Democrat party. All his campaign money can immediately be switched over to support Democrat congressmen. Much better then spending it on a Presidential race already being lost. And who cares if a Republican wins as President? Once the Democrats have the Chairman gig going, it'll be "President? Oh yeah, the weird guy hiding out in the white house... is he even still around? I mean, the Chairman runs everything these days."

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