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I will be out of everyone's hair for a day or so. Tomorrow, I will be leaving from JFK connecting to Narita, Japan to Singapore. I might get a chance to get online on my laptop in Narita but I am not sure.

I am a bit peeved that I will miss the new GG issue tomorrow so I will try to read it in Japan if I can. If not...well, I will land in Singapore slightly after midnight.

One of the greatest pleasures in my life is landing at Changi Airport, Singapore knowing I got a few weeks in Heaven in front of me. I admit it...I just love Asia....I love all of Asia....Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia.....some places I have been others I have never been but I love all of Asia.

My sister loves Europe....but I love Asia. I love the people I love the food....I feel more comfortable around Asians than any other.....don't know why? Just me.

When that plane comes in on it's final glide path and I look out the window and see the islands of Indonesia across the water to the side and the great city of Singapore ahead then I get chills and goose bumps. I love that feeling....nothing like flying into Changi, the heart of SE Asia.

Love Changi...From the time the plane gets to the gate to the time I am jumping in the cab is about maybe 40 minutes. Singapore is so damn efficient...In and out.

When I land, I will have been traveling for about 25 hours. I will be tired and irritable.....but this is why I go to Changi instead of flying into some god forsaken spot like Ninoy Aquino International Airport or how about Soekarno-Hatta Airport.

You want some major hassles then land in Manila or Jakarta at midnight.....Unless you are a expat that knows Jakarta or Manila then those places will have you out of mind when you land...that is the real deal.....These places can sometimes be big time hassles and then once you get through customs and God the cabs...YOU WILL BE RIPPED OFF...LOL unless you know the tricks.

Oh got to get money for the cab...let's go to the money changer.....hmmm....who are all these strange guys hanging out around the money changer? Why are they eye-balling me? Taxi get away from me.

Ok...I go to the ATM for money....Who are all these strange guys around the ATM....Why are all these people eye-balling me? ARe they trying to catch my PIN number? Why are they noticing which pocket I pull my wallet from....pickpocket??

Cuz the pick pockets are GOOD in places like Manila and Jakarta. They will do things like sit next to woman on a bus and use razor to cut into a pocketbook and clean out the contents through the slit that they made while distracting the woman ...look at those two guys fighting in the front of the bus...meanwhile purse contents gone.

Razors work real good on pant pockets too. It makes it easier when they see which pocket you are putting your wallet in.

How about the phone stealers? Don't open up your phone and start talking on it. You get deep into the conversation..."No Honey...Yes, Honey"....guy comes by snatches phone. Yeah...I am Uber-careful when I am in Jakarta.

Get in a got to lock those doors....window up because if you don't when the cabbie stops at that stop light....door gets yanked open, huge jungle sword to throat...give me all your money...That's all you got? Whack...that stupid machete nearly takes head clean off. If you lucky you might even get a Allahu Akbar.

Think I am exaggerating? Then go romp and stomp around Jakarta without knowing what you doing...LOL...or you can come see me...I have a few select locations that I can drop you off at then you can tell me later if it is a exaggeration. I know places where you would be totally out of mind if you went there....LOL

Got to think...think...think in Jakarta and that is the real deal especially if you don't know how to speak Indo and are landing all alone at midnight

But Singapore...Ah, the beauty of Singapore....No thinking required....everything on auto pilot. Give the cabbie a little "ni hao" ...Jump in the cab...Tell him Orchard Parade Hotel and lean back and enjoy the ride. My God...the taxi even turns on the meter without you telling him anything. No rip offs....Don't have to worry about the taxi taking you to a bad neighborhood and robbing you.....everything copacetic!!!

Bam...jump out the the cabbie....into the hotel...check in within ten the room. Open the bag get the computer....jump online to GG to get the latest then now I got a choice....

I can either sit here or is it there or is it neither here nor there and "debate" people on frivolous topics or I can shower, brush my some SSS and head across the street to the OT....nothing like Orchard Towers....I sometimes hang out outside and just talk to all the people on the street.

If this place was located in some place like Jakarta, it might be slightly dangerous to hang out on the streets and engage with all the drunks and flotsam of humanity but this is Singapore...It is safe...whut:

I generally hang out by that Coke machine near the end of the video. Most of the women you see walking around are more likely than not Vietnamese. Lots of Vietnamese girls tend to hang out on the street here generally harassing the drunken Australians and US Navy sailors (when they are in town).

I made a few friends with some of the girls outside there...LOL....many of them recognize me.....I love the Vietnamese sing song way of talking. I say "where you from?" They say "Chào anh...I am from Vietnaaaaaaaam" in that distinctive Viet accent....I love the accent.

After awhile I get tired of watching all the drunken Australians getting into fights.....and I get tire of the Viets too so I head inside:

Oh yeah, yeah....Now we are talking.....all night long....I sit down a the bar, sun glasses on.....don't want anyone approaching because now I am thinking, "Rob, man...How in the world did I end up here.....I am here all alone totally disconnected from all family and friends because they never see the things that I have seen - no way - I meet very few that I can actually share these experiences with.

Generally, the ones that have had these experiences are other seaman I know or expat Americans that I meet on the street or in bars like this but those people would never suspect I am a TMF geek because I live in three or four wildly separate worlds.....but after awhile I say..."Hey man, you are supposed to have fun"

Right around that time a girl will walk up and say, "Why the long face..your supposed to be Happy". I say "where are you from?" She says "Mongolia". I go "Wow, I never met anyone from Mongolia before" and then I realize the night is only beginning.

Then when I come back people are yacking stuff about Mongolia on the TMF boards...I stop to think about all the things Miss Mongolia told me about her life there.....sometimes....every once and awhile I catch investing ideas from the most unlikely sources so I write on the boards, "What do you guys know about Mongolia...Have you been there?"

All I get is the response that you don't have to know nothing about Mongolia. All you have to know is that this Mongolian company got growth.

I just sigh......

That is about how my life is....that is the real deal. I am not sure my life will end well but whose life does end well??? But at the end, I will know in my heart that no one has had more fun than me...Some have equaled my fun but no one has out done my fun.

We can go story for story and at the end I know that virtually everyone will be jealous of some of the stuff I experienced. I might be jealous of some of their experiences also but I know I can Mos Def engender some jealousy....I was only 19 years old when I stood on top of the Parthenon in Athens drinking Ouzo with my then ship mates. I looked out over Athens drunk as a skunk and told the world, "I used to read about this place in social I am here and most of the people I grew up with will never see this place"...I done more by age 19 then many people do in their whole lives.

See I wrote my experience before I even got to Singapore but that is more likely than not what it will be like...It always is.

Ok....I got to go pack more...I don't want to forget anything. I am going to be tired on that plane. I got to get rested a little before I hit the OT.

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