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Before I leave hong Kong I had to visit this place Mongkok, which seems to be officially the densest area of humans in the world. Here it is Mongkok, also known as the Ladies Market:

"Hong Kong is packed with people, with 6 million crammed into a city that mostly sits on a piece of real estate no bigger than Manhattan. Mongkok is not only Hong Kong’s most populated area, but the world’s. According to the Guinness Book of Records Mongkok is the most densely populated place on the planet, squeezing in over 130,000 people per km2.

Mongkok means busy corner in Cantonese, and Mongkok is just that. Once the headquarters for the notorious Hong Kong Triads, this is now one of Hong Kong’s liveliest districts, jammed full of shops, street side stalls as well as Hong Kong’s famous Mongkok Ladies Market."


The Hotel I am staying at is the Courtyard Marriott In Hong Kong. To get to the Ladies Market, me and my Indonesian GF took a ride down Memory Lane for me.

The first time I was in Hong Kong was in 1982. I was a cadet on a container ship with US Lines and we entered the port of Kowloon in September/October of 1982. I remember that a bunch of people from the ship decided to go into town and I remember going on a ferry from Kowloon to Hong Kong.

This was the the very famous Star Ferry

When I got on the Star Ferry today, I was like OMG....I think these were the same exact ferries that were running in 1982....these ferries look like the same exact ones that I took in 1982. I learned on the internet that was indeed the likely the case....

Even though, they have moved the original piers, it brought back memories to take the Star Ferry. There seems to be a lot of history around that Ferry:

Once, we got across to Kowloon, we took a cab to the infamous Ladies Market......OMG....I never saw so many people in my life. Mongkok has to be one of the most crazy places to shop I have ever been:

If anyone decides to go here than be aware that Monkok seems to be pickpocket heaven:

"This place is about 15-20 minute walk up from the Hong Kong Cultural center. It is a terrific place to get cheap, good quality souvenirs. You definitely have to be comfortable with neg down the price. Don't worry about not knowing the language, I did it via sign language. But, I did have to constantly thwart away pickpockets..."

My GF almost got into a fight with some Chinese Merchant in her stall, I had to get her to walk away. My girlfriend happens to be Indonesian and most Indonesian people have a latent prejudice of Chinese people. I have no idea why she wanted to come see Hong Kong and also wants to see China....She seems sort of crazy to me.

Another crazy thing I saw there in Mongkok highlighted to me the differences between Hong Kong and the rest of China. We saw sitting in the middle of the street some older lady meditating. There was a huge sign around her with all these gruesome photos supposedly of Chi-coms torturing people.

My GF from Indonesia asked me "What is this all about?" I knew immediately what it was all about because I saw the sign Falun Gong as a member shoved a propaganda newspaper called Falun Gong Today in my face

I looked at my GF and told her, "The difference between Hong Kong and China is that if the Falun Gong had this type of thing set up in China that they would probably be immediately arrested by police and possibly tortured."

Some describe Falun Gong as a cult

Some describe it as a peaceful way to meditate:

"Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa) is a peaceful qigong meditation practice guided by the characteristics of the universe – truthfulness, compassion and tolerance, and it helps one to become more honest, kind and patient, therefore becoming a better person. It is practised by over 100 million people in over 100 countries, but unfortunately in its country of origin, China, those who practice Falun Gong are most severely persecuted."


As for me, I found it interesting that Hong kong seems much different than Mainland China....The Hong Kongers seem to have it in their head that there might be something called freedom of speech.

I can also see why the Chi-coms might view Hong Kong as somewhat dangerous. Hong kong could possibly cause other places in China to have subversive type thoughts.

Another thing, I discovered that travelling has seemed to increased my knowledge when it comes to overseas investments......Quite simply, if you never been to the country, you might be making assumptions about the culture, the people, the business environment that might not necessarily be true and it might behoove one that makes international investments or investments that have a international thesis to build into their assumptions the possibility that they might be wrong.

I have been many places in the world and I have learned over time that many people from the USA carry assumptions about other places in the world that might not necessarily be true.

That is one reason why I like listening to the insights from people that travel to various areas of the world....I many times pick up things I did not know.

I am glad I visited Wildeyes home court of Hong Kong. I wish I had more time here....I am just learning the city. I actually am starting to know how to get around here.....One more week and I might even know the bus system....I already understand the MRT and I know the difference between Hong Kong, Kowloon and Lantau....By the way...the Hong Kong Airport is not in Hong Kong....It is on the island of Chek Lap Kok

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