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Oh my dear, if that's the case, you have no idea how much research has been done and is ongoing into subconscious manipulation of people using colors, key words, images....

The most effective uses of such research are those of which you are unaware. That you think 'a lot of that stuff is hokum' is a testament to the success of the merger of psychology research and mass persuasion.

If you believe you aren't affected by a lifetime of manipulation THAT is a huge testament to the success of psychological research and its incorporation into our daily lives.

I won't belabor the point because you deserve a break today.


Oh, my dear - right back to you. I have a degree in marketing (have even won awards in the subject) and I know the research, etc., that has been done - have even done some of it myself. And if you will pay attention you will see that I said "a lot" of it is hokum - not all of it. Of course, like the OP, I have not read the book in question so I'm really talking off the top of my hat here with regard to that.

I believe some colors are calming and some colors excite the appetite (red, for example). This is why you will see red used in many restaurants. I don't believe, however, that a man feels "weak" in a pink shirt. THAT is hokum. Do you think YOU would feel weak in a pink shirt?

Much of what you see on TV is manipulative. In fact, the advertisers hope that it will ALL be manipulative. Young, innocent minds are the easiest to manipulate - "Happy Meals", anyone?

However, there has never been a beer commercial yet that has sold me even one bottle of beer. Not one.

Hyper commercials with people shopping like crazy and dancing around actually turn me off - and I wonder why people spend so much money on clothes when you only need a few items when you come right down to it. The reason is, as you have said, they are manipulated - BUT they are manipulated because they actually enjoy shopping and clothes in the first place. Those commercials don't sell me because I'm not interested in all that hyperactivity. But extroverts and shop-a-holics WANT to be enticed.

It has a lot to do with the advertiser knowing their market and punching through to exactly that market. It's hard to manipulate someone who just isn't interested at all.

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