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Strange how things happen.

As I was watching TV last night just a few minutes after 9:00 PM, my doorbell rang. I ignored it as I wasn't expecting anyone and since frequently visitors to my building's neighbors ring the wrong bell. After a long minute, it rang again. I wondered about it, then finally decided to check. I went downstairs to see who it was.

He was back.

The boy was tired, hungry, and also grimy. His hair was in a dark-red mohawk, though hair growing back in the scalp areas. Wearing a black tank top and a red skinny jeans from Hot Topic. He had been on a bus since the day after Thanksgiving to get back here. No bag, just the clothes on his back and a pair of (comfortable) black Air Walks. The last thing he had to eat was a bagel that a woman on the bus had given him. Yesterday. No money, he spent about $280 for the bus ticket to get here.

The boy says that he has a place to stay this time, but the friend needs a day to prepare. I hope he stays with the friend and he doesn't drive the friend nuts. He's got a cell phone, but service needs to be reconnected. He had once worked at a little place earning money by tips only, doing cleaning at a retail service place.

Made him a couple of sandwiches, gave him some soda (from instant dry mix that I'm glad I still had). We sat and talked a bit. Then he took a shower.

When we started to settle for bed, my current on-again, off-again roommate came home unexpectedly. I got him at the door, hoping he wouldn't become volatile. He was okay and contained, but was tense for a bit. The boy was also tense as it made things both awkward and potentially unstable. Fortunately for me, roommate is the controlled type. After the first hour, things loosened up.

For a change, he was able to sleep easily last night. Usually he will be up all night so his fatigue set in. Glad that I had some clean bedding.

God help me if I take him back for more than a night.
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I had forgotten about this old post from 2010 on the troubled youth board (no responses, but a detailed summary).
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