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Well as I told y'all yesterday, contractor and city utility were to meet here this morning at 830 am.

Contractor was here at 815 and they cleared the water and mud that had filled the hole in the interim.

At 830, lady from Utility called me up to say the guy was en route. I told her the contractor was here at 815 and she said, oh that's what I wanted to know. The city guy shows up at 9 am. There were some choice words coming from the contractor to the city guy who is a meter reader/checker. Suddenly, the city guy sees the light and says they'll send a crew to fix it in the next couple of days in which I had a few choice words of my own concerning the length of time all this has been going on. He said he would note that in report and push it along.

City guy leaves and me and contractor jawbone for an hr or so, the son standing nearby looking sleepy. Contractor is a nice guy, personable, knows what he's doing and he sure can talk...likable though and pretty blue eyes. He's very open about his background but perhaps he feels more comfortable with me knowing my business background and I was very familiar with businesses he had been a part of before. He's 63, multiple marriages, last one left him in 93 or 94, they have a son together.....I was dying to ask why or if he knew what happened to her. The son had already told me before that growing up, the Dad was traveling all over on these big contracting jobs and he didn't see much of him growing up but now he gets the chance to get to know him better. Interesting....but I would bet, with the Dad being away alot, kid at home, maybe the wife got resentful, restless.....who the heck knows? It takes two.

I vacuum the kitchen and porch and then leave for a 1130 meeting and then go to the gym to do a circuit class. Came home around 230 maybe and lo and behold two big City trucks were out in front of my house. I asked when they arrived and one said 1/2 hr ago. The supervisor was lying face down fooling with the connection on the water meter. One of the workers was friendly, the other was a big slug who didn't talk much. I made small talk and watched traffic, it was hazardous on the two lane road with 2 big trucks blocking one lane....dang idiots don't consider the big blind spot at the bottom of the hill and they cross the double line playing Russian Roulette....idiots!

Well, after a couple of tries, the supervisor changed out the washer on the bottom resetter and it was a tight connection. I checked the leak detector doohickey on meter and it was not circling and I got the readout on the meter as well. The supervisor was a nice guy, been around awhile and he said he would send in his report tomorrow and I can then call the Dept. and ask for adjustment to be made. I asked him if he was going to fill in the hole and he said he'd put gravel on the pipes, actually crushed gravel and then he said, he'd have the guys fill it in. The big lumbering guy looked like he was having a hard time, while the little wiry guy was moving at a fast pace and he wasn't stepping on my liriope like the other guy was.

Anyway, it looks like it has finally come to an end. This has consumed so much of my emotional and intellectual(if you call it that) energy, I was about to explode.

I'll let y'all know what the city adjustment will be....I expect a lengthy wait for a credit.

On another note, I'm to call tonight to see if I have jury duty and although I feel strongly about doing it, I don't want to have to push myself out the door at 8 am, to find a dang parking place downtown. Also, I can't bring food into the cell phone either for that matter. I get concerned about lack of appropriate food choices. Junk food is not my friend.

That is all...oh wait, I want y'all to know that the extremely long threads are very time consuming to read on an iPad as when I hit whole thread, it flips to the very first post and I have to swipe and swipe and swipe and swipe.......geezus H. on a stick! Cut it out!!!!

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