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Is anyone here following the cyclical ketogenic diet?

I am advised to follow that one, since I will also do fitness (spinning) and a bit of weight lifting. This method is especially developed for weight lifters and body builders who don't want to lose power.
In the weekend you are supposed to stuff yourself silly with carbs that will replenish your glycogen in the muscles. A result would be that when the next workout comes around on Monday, you can explode and outperform.

I like the idea especially since it gives a pig-out day.. unfortunately, I will need to drop the amt of fat considerably on that day too, so ice-cream will still be a no-no :-(

Here are the stats. Me and a friend did all the calculations ourselves for the low-carb menu and thought up one.. but nobody has responded me until now... what's up???
Anyway, a useful calculator can be found on :

We devised a menu of 1900 kcal/day (I am 80kg heavy, translates in 176 lbs for you oldfashioned imperialists), while the calculator advises 2100 kcal/day. (11 versus 12 kcal/lbs wt or 24/26,5 kcal/kg wt).

We preferred to keep the protein to 1,7 gram/kg (136 g protein) while the calculator gave 2,0 g/kg (160 g protein) as a preference.
Our menuplan (see my earlier post on this) this became 135 gram protein (540 cal) and 145 gram fat (1305 cal).
Only a very small difference with the calculated amounts.
For the calculator this would have been 20 g carbs, 160g protein and 1900 - 80 (20x4) - 640 (160x4)=1180 kcal/9cal of fat = 131g of fat.

And now for the carb-up days. It is recommended to take 10 gram of carbs/kg of lean body mass. It is thus recommended to take 70% of energy from carbs, 15% from fat and 15% from proteins and a total of 33 cals/kg wt.
Then you arrive at 33x80=2640 kcal as a grand total.
Of which 0,15*2640=396 cal for fats and proteins.
This is:
396/9 = 44g fats
396/4 = 99g protein.
This means that you must eat practically fatfree proteins, like lean chicken and turkey, but you don't need to worry about the carbs now. But any time you take meat with carbs (breaded stuff) it is loaded with fat as well!

Leaving 0,7x2640=1848 kcal for the carbs
This is a whopping 1848/4=462 gram carbs!!!!
It will make you feel like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde..
6 days/week you are limiting total carb count and now you must force them down your throat, while limiting fat intake.

When you break it further down to 6 meals/day it becomes:
44/6 = 7,5 gram fats/meal
99/6 = 16,5 gram proteins/meal
Or when you prefer just to take proteins and fats in 3 out of 6 meals: 15 grams of fat and 33 grams of protein in these meals.
It is going to be a problem to not eat carbs in conjunction with fat: it means that I can forget about that ice-cream or that apple-pie!
But in each meal I need to force down 462/6=77 gram of carbs.

Well, it means that I can still eat winegums and licorice and all that candy! Or should it be boring stuff like rice and more rice with a fat-free sauce to make it palatable?

What's your idea about this meal plan?

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