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One of my first names on FOOL was JTTalk...

here is a blast from the past...

(LEV T. was my arch-enemy)... LOL those were good days...

::::::::::::::THANKS TMF SELENA::::::::::::::
"70-forget it. $54 is still ok...
Date: 27 Jun 1997
From: Ideaman532

I think you have to look at what price is Digital worth purchasing. Obviously, someone must pay a premium over its current stock price. Lets say $55.

What is the breakup value of the company. A company like Oracle could really use some of DEC's technology for its NC technology. Strong Arm, Alpha and high speed servers are important to them. But these product segments account for only a tiny part of DEC's product mix. So basically, if someone were to purchase DEC they would have to calculate what the real value is of the assets they want to sell off. Anyway, you have to get rid of the golden parachutes and poison pills to have an acceptable buyout. These items are not in place.

Compaq was ready to purchase Digital (really?) but Chairman and CEO Palmer and his buddies on the board nixed the idea because it was not politically advantageous to their own personal interests. Are they looking out for themselves or the stockholders they work for?

The Ideaman. (good question idea guy)


"Marketing organizations"
Date: 24 Jun 1997 From: Ideaman532

If DEC's Sales/Marketing departments were as good as their R&D and product development they would be soaring right now. But the fact is that they never have been and certainly are not right now. It takes time to develop a quality sales and marketing program. Palmer has been given the time and has failed. This is documented by each re-organization. Each time you re-org it delays your progress by at least 6 months to a year. It is virtually impossible to turn a department around any quicker especially the size of departments that Digital has.

Palmer is a Tech-head. Most Tech-heads should not be running companies and should stick to what they do best; TECHy stuff. Palmer MUST go. He is a wannabe marketing guy and does not have the natural abilities of other technical people that transformed themselves into marketing leaders. Do you think Mr. Dell is a marketing person? (yes he is)

Intel is a marketing company with good, quality products and look how succesful they have been...


Subj: Re: NEWS
Date: 22 Jun 1997 07:17:11 EDT
From: Lev Tsukmn
Message-ID: <>

For people that do not read these magazines perhaps you should mention that 300 Mhz Alpha with FX!32 emulation run windows applications at a speed of 133Mhz Gateway 2000.

Regards, LevT. (he was always bearish on all things DIGITAL)
also he is/was a lousy speller...

Subj: Upcoming Shareholders Meeting
Date: 18 Jun 1997 02:43:03 EDT
From: JT Talk
Message-ID: <>

Dear Board:

Yesterday Digital's stock price ROSE to CLOSE at its highest value in several months...$37.50 on DOUBLE its average daily volume!!

I can surmise only one thing from Digital's price action since the April 1997 lows...Someone is buying the shares!!

They may not be buying the nifty new Alpha boxes that can run both UNIX and Windows NT, and they may not be buying Digital's powerful AlphaServers, and they may not want a PC with the "digital name outside" BUT, by golly, someone is buying those shares. Tomorrow a group of "disgruntled investors" will hear a special presentation by Mr. Denton of Providence Capital about Digital's competitive advantage (or lack thereof), and the merits of the patent infringement lawsuit against Intel.

I am disappointed because I was not invited. Please report back if you find out anything so that its impact may be more widely disseminated...
An interesting source for information on Digital is another message board, at Thanks to that board I have read about "Shannon Knows DEC" and other interesting ideas... (like Jeff Harrow's Newsletter called REFOC or something like that...)


"Can Digital be for sale?"
Date: 05 Jun 1997 From: JT Talk
Message-ID: <>

I hope Digital is not for sale at any price. To quote Joe Arena (a prominent poster on the INTEL board) who quotes Mark Twain, I paraphrase that "News of Digital's demise has been greatly exaggerated."

After reading the interesting NY Times article of May 25th, which gave Digital a needed boost, it is clear to me that I need more in depth information about what is actually going on. I didn't know that another reorganization has been scheduled for July 1st, 1997.

It also came as a surprise that Lucia Quinn, a PR person said, "The Intel lawsuit is energizing people!"

But what really blew my mind were the statements of Bruce Claflin (2003 CEO of COMS a/k/a 3COM corporation) who said that in November 1995, after he arrived at Digital from the IBM PC division that Digital was just "stuffing the channel with 30 to 50% more PCs than were actually being sold by retailers" and that Digital employees had no idea of how many machines were actually being sold by retailers to customers.

Effective July 1st, 1997 Mr. Claflin will be in charge of worldwide sales and Ms. Lucia Quinn will help mold a new image for the tarnished Digital logo. Although I'm not sure how the share price will perform in the near term, I am hoping that the revenues and earnings will get back on track so that the long term outlook for the company becomes more positive. (My fingers are crossed...)


"No software for Alpha?"
Date: 30 May 1997 From: HPhill
Message-ID: <>

I am new to this board and am somewhat suprised at the negativity on this board. DEC seems to have turned things around and has apparently waited for some weakness to file it's lawsuit. As a shareholder of a company who has become aggressive defending it's patents (Ampex) I see the lawsuit as a good thing. Look how DEC bounced back after it's announcement that it had a supply contract with INTEL good till 1999!! For those who are comparing lawsuits such as the "Intel-AMD lawsuit" you should know that it is like comparing apples to oranges.

Patent lawsuits favor the Patent holder!

It does not matter how long they waited to file against INTEL. Apparently they wanted to see what was in the Pentium II before filing the suit. And as far as no software for the Alpha well you show your ignorance. You don't pay $8,000 for a computer to write letters and post messages on AOL!

There is some powerful software for Alpha computers such as Intergraph Microstation. Lockheed has a few Alpha workstations runing this CAD software and some specialized engineering software for designing aircraft!!

So they have to run a translator to run a wordproccessor. Big deal! Do wish they would make some cheaper microchips with maybe some sort of CISC translator that would allow both Intel and Alpha code to run on it. Alpha's are not cheap last I looked a motherboard was about $2,000.


"the digital story" is currently being compilied by "Technical THOMAS."

check back often for updates...

April 2003. Trend towards VALUE...
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