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I'm thinking of taking the plunge into smart phones. This is the newest Nokia smart phone that everyone's raving about. It has 3-D printing capability. Maybe in a few years, you can PRINT your own damb gun (see video).

Hmmm...who are the players in 3D printing? Might need to buy some of their stock.

The organisers of this year’s 3D Print Show in London claim [3D printing] is about to change the world, in the same way the internet changed things in the 1990s. Do you believe the hype and if so, why???

My own view is that the hype is justified, and that 3D printing is indeed A Very Big Deal. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to call it the sequel to the Industrial Revolution. However, it’s going to take somewhat longer to arrive than some people anticipate, and that may disappoint people. For now, it’s a bleeding-edge technology for bleeding-edge early adopters--which is exactly where Nokia is aiming its 3D printing community efforts.??
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