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i'm thinking of taking this course. any opinions about it? i learned about it thru motley fool advertisement. does motley fool endorse it?
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You know for some folks, taking a class is the best way where others are perfectly fine gleening information from the internet... do you have a link for the course... I googled it, and got classes that cost about $4Kish... that seems like a lot of money to me, buy I trade in blocks of a couple thousand, not tens of thousands... depeding on how much options trading you plan to do, it may not be cost effective... it would seem to me that you'd have to trade quite a bit and do well to earn that loot back... here is an awesome online line to options...

And the best book I've ever read on options...

my humble opinion is that if you were capable of learning everything in the book and website, you'd have more options knowledge then at least 98% of those trading options out there (for a total cost of about $40)...

There are no get rich options systems IMHO... and in this market, one bad trade can wipe out a years worth of work... I know, I sold some puts against CHK a couple of weeks ago... :P


Just click on the type of strategy you want and go from there...

I traded an Iron Condor against ISRG back in the day when I thought it was going to stay flat for a while... not sure that's a good strategy in this market... :P
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this might shed some light

I currently use optionsexpress and have been contacted by optionsexpress to particpate in one of their classes for 4K.

but now I find that this is really optinetics in disuguise

why do you get bought by someone ? you have somehthing they find valuable

I did find that saying "no" to optionsexpress as far as their training offering was not difficult to do in terms of being made to feel that I did not have a decision in the matter although the person making the sales pitch made the best effort to make me feel like I was out in the cold in terms of my financial future which was fine with me becuase I believe that is the truth regardless: its up to you and only you!
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