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One recent fool article notates that december is a bad month to
try and change your habits! Jeff Fisher is pushing e-mail offers
to join up to there Options trading with a deadline of december 11
to join at a discount.
I just don't know about this options thing seems a bit over my head,
but i am quite interested!
Seems a person would have to change some habits to make the time
for options and is it even viable for a really small fry invester
like myself as i only own as of now 7 stocks totaling less than
20K !
any advise much appreciated
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Using options as part of an investment strategy can be beneficial - IF you take the time to learn about what you are doing:-) I consider the time spent in this area well worth it.

Kahuna is a professional investor. I'm not. He advises against it, especially if you don't have someone literally at your side, guiding you as you learn. I disagree with that. If that were the only way to learn, then nobody but professional investors would be trading in options (or stocks, for that matter), except the very few who could get a professional to sit by their side and guide them.

The material provided by the options service at The Fool is very comprehensive. It takes you step by step through the learning process, and shows you everything you need to know, to get involved. PROVIDED you are willing to read, think, read some more, and think some more:-)

There is also a very active community of members who are all always willing to help out newcomers.

For what it's worth, I would suggest that if you are interested in learning about this facet of investing, by all means, join. Remember, there is always the money back guarantee, if you find it is not to your liking!

Harry G
A happy subscriber to TMF Options
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