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Or Monte is someone who gets his jollies by pushing other people's buttons, and does it because he enjoys manipulating others behind a veil of anonymity.

LOL. He pushes your buttons by presenting facts which he knows you are unable to refute, which makes you very angry. Evil monte.

He may or may not support any of the positions he espouses, yet feels that those are the positions that will cause the most uproar and furor.

What's not to believe about pointing out that Obama's claim that inflating tires constituted a significant statement concerning U.S. energy policy? It's only significance was to demonstrate 1) Obama's politicized trivialization of the issues and/or 2) his ignorance.

It's precisely like when Jimmy Carter told Americans to "wear a sweater and lower the thermostat." Pure stupidity.

All monte said was: "Obama said something really stupid about energy policy, this is what it is." And you leftists get all in a huff.

If someone's goal is to deliberately cause furor and he doesn't even have to show his face to do it, for a cause that he may or may not believe in, is he any better than the guy who yells "FIRE" in a crowded theater? In results, probably. In theory, no.

You GSF are constantly in a "furor." That's your default emotional state.

Civil disobedience, the devil's advocate, and other positions held by those who genuinely believe in the stances they embody, and do it from motives that trace back to closely-held beliefs that are basically sound in nature (i.e. someone who witnesses to an atheist because they genuinely love them and genuinely fear for their soul) are at least truly honest in their positions and looking for a way to communicate. It may not be always welcome, but it is genuine. VUCommodore seems to be of that nature.

Um, you're getting carried away here in your pent-up "furor." What does this screed have to do with Obama's demonstrated ignorance on energy policy? Absolutely nothing.

Why not spend your time and energy providing some facts which would tend to show that Obama (or pelosi, or reid) have some vague clue of what to do about American energy policy? Could it be because there are no such facts? Indeed not having any facts to respond to Monte's facts must be very frustrating in your world.

OTOH, to constantly inject oneself in a dialogue in which they have no genuine fervor other than to create as much annoyance as possible, is disingenous at best and motivated by actual evil at worst.

"Genuine fervor" = needless emotionalism. Monte is rational and factual, you are not. You're actually criticizing him for his rationality. "Genuine fervor" is not a good thing to have when trying to be reasonable in discussing important issues. You actually hate him because he's so logical, despite many provocations from leftists here.

As much as you'd like to believe it, khalou, some people simply act out of contempt and enjoy the results of their narcissistic manipulation of those around them.

LOL. Using big words again, nice try. This still has no bearing on Obama's energy policy.

I don't really care what values monte holds, because as far as I can tell, he really doesn't have any here, and if I were to find out his genuine feelings I'd probably not like them.

LOL. Facts are not important, just "feelings." And whether you "like them." Again, LOL. You don't want to have a fact-based reasonable analysis, you want to have an emotional cat fight, and you're mad at Monte because he won't play that game, and in fact is impossible for you to bait. Again, LOL.

However, I can tell that his primary motivation here on this board springs simply from attempting to create aggravation and controversy and it does not have a pure motive behind it. It's all about his ego.

LOL. On this message board, facts "create aggravation and controversy." If you really wanted to rebut monte, you would simply point out where his facts might be in error. You can't do that with respect to Obama's stupid "tire inflation" statement because that was a deliberate "policy statement" by Obama which he can't run away from. So you want to talk about everything under the sun except the key issue, which is Obama's demonstrated ignorance about energy policy.

Which this dialog at the moment is feeding... but I believe you yourself try to take the best from what people say and engage them as such, and that can be a naive and gullible way to go through life. I engage monte on occasion, but I do not EVER come at it from the perspective that he is truly trying to have a discussion that stems from a need to communicate - only one that manipulates.

Again LOL. You think the point of a discussion is to fulfill "a need to communicate" rather than to actually discuss issues of importance to society. LOL, you're a joke.
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