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orinjade: I am an old fashioned conservative, and I think we have a good shot with Romney. Someone who has an executive background, a business background, and can handle both the economic situation and foreign policy.

But the social crazies are driving me nuts. If we lose this election, it will be the fault of the abortion and gays crowd. I know several rational, reasonable people (mainly women) who normally would be conservative, who are terrified of the place the US will turn into if the loonies are allowed to run the asylum (to quote my co-worker). Another told me that while she actively dislikes Obama, she doesn't want to live in a Christian version of Iran either. So her idea of the better of two evils has her leaning towards Obama.

Great post. I agree, we've got a great shot with Romney. He seems to be the right guy for the times. We have serious financial and budgetary issues. That is what his campaign has almost exclusively focused on, and why he chose Paul Ryan as his running mate. Romney couldn't have possibly made it any clearer during this campaign that this is what he wanted it to be about.

I'm really surprised to hear that the social crazies have been driving you nuts. Did you go to the Democrat Convention in Charlotte or something? They were all there, front and center, with speaking slots to promote even freer abortion, and forcing everyone to pay for free birth control coverage. So yeah, the social crazies can make you go nuts, but just steer clear of them. 0bama chose to pander to them at his convention, but even he wasn't stupid enough to give them any primetime televised slots.

Also, the abortion and gays crowd were always going to vote heavily for 0bama. Since he is churning out his base for this election, it is no surprise that he is the candidate who has been trying to make abortion and gay marriage an issue in the campaign. Well, that and wanting everyone to ignore his miserable record in office! So I wouldn't fault the abortion and gay crowd, they are just the Democrat base.

Yet your post then diverges into some odd territory. You note several (not even just "a friend", but several!) women who "normally would be conservative". So what are they? Liberals? All because they are afraid of the Christian Theocracy, their entire ideology is different. Maybe its just me, but that sounds...implausible. I would question them about that further. One thing you might point out to these ladies is that 0bama is the Bible-believing Christian in this race. You better believe it! My goodness he sure as heck isn't Muslim or even Black Liberation Theology dude! He's a Christian! And if anyone doubts it, they are racist bigots! So don't doubt it! So really, those well-informed, would-be conservative women friends of yours ought to know that 0bama is the Christian they have to fear. Romney is a Mormon. Yes, they certainly consider themselves to be a brand of Christian, but most Christians like 0bama and Pat Robertson don't consider Mormons to be one of them. So if your friend wants to make sure that the Pat Robertson crowd doesn't take over the country, I would say that she should vote for someone who isn't even the same religion as Pat Robertson. And the one who appears to have little or no interest in making abortion or gay issues a central part of his campaign or presidency. In other words, she sounds like Romney might just be the perfect candidate for her!

Hey, thanks for bringing this important issue to our attention. I would just hate it if would-be conservatives like your friends were to vote for 0bama on account of their misunderstanding. Good thing we can count on good old fashioned conservatives like you to help push Romney on to victory though!

PS Say hi to Goofyhoofy for us.
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