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I know what a malapropism is, and that doesn't seem to be what is happening in "Yogi-isms" like the following:

You can observe a lot just by watching.

Is there a proper term for that kind of construction? which is actually a fairly shrewd comment about being open to experience and letting it guide the understanding (rather than one's preconceptions), and, linguistically, depends on the fact that that the two verbs --often conflated in casual use to be interchanageable-- are here used in what seems to be a casual remark but (unintentionally?) plays off of their subtle differences.

Is it the suspected unintentionality that gives rise to the humor? But, also, is the listener too clever by half when he laughs, and Yogi the one who truly sees things as they really are with a directness that undercuts N-order meta-analysis? (the I-know-that-you-know-that-I-know-that-you-know... stuff)

TIA, Charlie

PS Lest anyone harrass me about what this post has to do with bonds and markets, think of Yogi's comment as good advice in the face of financial complexities and uncertainties, with wisdom happening where you find it.
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I love it when guys talk dirty.

Let's talk words like existential proof, reification, and all those words I haven't heard since I retired. Hell, I'd even settle for multivariate analysis and mini-max solution.

1st ppg quote from some (probably old) movie
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I'm not familiar with a term for this. There are hundreds of terms for literary tropes—naming them was popular back when classifying was the height of scholarship—so my guess is there is one. I have a fund book, Karl Beckson and Arthur Ganz, A Readeer's Guide to iterary Terms, that is often helpful, though I think there are some earlier, longer guides to tropes. I did a quick glance and couldn't find anything.

I agree with your analysis of why these are humorously insightful clichés, and not, as they appear at first glance, ignorant.

By the way, on I-bonds, gotta think anyone getting a 1.6% fixed rate will live to regret it.

I'll check my credit union tomorrow, when they post next weeks interest rates. It's been 5% the last few weeks for a 5-year CD. I'm curious. Been playing with my new I-Mac—another, spend now on what you need soon anyway, purchase, since no point in saving.
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"Tropes" is a good categorial starting point. That narrows the search immenensely. Thanks.


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Shall we talk dirty, you and I,
as the evening spreads out against the sky,
like a sultan in his harum,
languishing in linguistic licentiousness?

Pick your topic, any topic, and I'll spar you a round or two of polysyllabic profligacy and alliterative awfulness. ;-/

Charlie, the Word Smythe (with apologies to TS Eliot)
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