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OK, you guys got my attention. I wasn't going to go into my feelings on the subject, but after reading the last dozen or so posts, I think I will stick my neck out. First, let me say that I have nothing against either JA or Quadabby. However, I do have a vague sense of unease when I read some of the sentences they have written.


“…It will be interesting to see what happens on the day the government comes knocking on our doors to take our guns. I'll be taking down anybody I can along with me when that day comes, and I know quite a few people who have my attitude. I haven't broken any laws as a hunter and I have every God-given right to protect my family. Don't treat me like a criminal. Start treating criminals like criminals.”

I prefer to think of Quad's statement as poorly thought out as a strategy as opposed to a statement of his thought process. Quad, did you ever think that if “the government comes knocking on our doors to take our guns” and you begin “taking down anybody I can along with me when that day comes” you will have, in fact become a “criminal”. Also, when you write “I know quite a few people who have my attitude”, you uncover what scares me most about the NRA's stand on gun control.


“…When I meet someone who frowns on guns, my first question is, 'If an intruder came into you home with the intent to harm you and your family, would you want a prayer on your lips, a Bible in your hand, or a gun in your hand?' This question illustrates the world of reality. Only the gun can save you and your family from harm.”

Maybe it looks different from an FBI office, but from the 'streets' I saw the lie behind this kind of thinking. The best home defense is an audible alarm system and/or a large, loud dog. First of all, the vast majority of home break-ins happen when no one is home. If you have a gun, and someone breaks into your home while you are out shopping, then guess who now has your gun? What happens when you or a cop comes across the burglar then? This doesn't even consider the fact that very few homeowners are proficient enough with the use of a gun, or even psychologically suited for using one on another human being, to make a gun a good home protection tool.

I don't have the statistics, maybe JA does, but I want to ask each of you one question. When you watch TV or read the newspapers, what do you see more often?

"Heroic homeowner defends family with gun."


"7 year old kills playmate with gun he found in house."

There are lots of variations on the latter. Man/woman kills wife/husband with gun after spat, etc, etc,…

I personally own several guns, both handguns and rifles. I no longer hunt but believe hunting is necessary for game management, unless the tree-huggers want to start going out and clubbing baby deer to protect from over-population caused starvation. So, I fully support the private ownership of guns. But the NRA and like souls are way over the line, in my assessment.

I think Elixe comes closest to my views. I worry that in some states it is easier to get a gun than a driver's license. In most large cities, a teen can get a gun easier than a good education. It irks me that the wars that occur daily in our cities continue apace of the NRA's PR campaign. Of course, it is only 'those people's' kids that are killing each other. I wonder how the nation will see it when the small town white kids start popping each other in record numbers….

The NRA, and others, speak of the constitutional right to 'bear arms' but forget about the 'well regulated militia' part. They also forget about the fact that the entire population of the U.S. when that was written would fill only one large current day city. Maybe the NRA should spend less time lobbying congress and more time trying to find a way to allow us to own guns without turning the U.S. back into the old Wild West, shoot-em-up anarchy.

Sorry for the rant, my wife just brought my medication; I'll be fine in a few minutes.

By the way, this post was written by a cop who, at 30 years of age, had a five year old boy die in his arms after he was shot by a seven year old friend who had discovered and played with a 22 caliber rifle the father owned to 'protect his family'. As the boy died, he, the seven year old, and the thirty year old were all crying. He looked just like my son.

Tough job. Criminally stupid (NRA) philosophy.

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