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The following link highlights an upcoming conference about Regenerative Medicine.

It's one conference I will try to attend, even though I don't work in medicine and even though I have lost money on all sorts of medical technology stocks over the years.

Active researchers who are interested in keeping pace with the latest developments in regenerative medicine are encouraged to participate...

Preceding the annual workshop, is a short course entitled, “ECM in Regenerative Medicine: “What is the Matrix? The answer is out there and looking for you!" on March 20th. The program for the short course will be up by the end of August. There is a separate registration fee to attend the one day workshop with leaders from that field.

ABSTRACT DEADLINE is DECEMBER 15, 2012. The abstract submission process will open on August 15, 2012.

It would be neat to meet other METaR regulars at an event. Maybe we should have our own conference some time.

Perhaps in an exotic locale...

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Please report back to METAR after you have attended.

I am very interested in the ECM (Extracellular Matrix), which provides structure for organs throughout the body.

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