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Exxon CEO joins lawsuit citing fracking concerns

Rex Tillerson and his wealthy Texas neighbors are fighting the construction of a tower that would provide water for drilling.

While the lawsuit Tillerson joined cites the side effects of fracking, a lawyer representing the Exxon CEO said he hadn't complained about such disturbances. "I have other clients who were concerned about the potential for noise and traffic problems, but he's never expressed that to me or anyone else," said Michael Whitten, who runs a small law practice in Denton, Texas. Whitten said Tillerson's primary concern is that his property value would be harmed.

The lead plaintiffs are former U.S. House Majority Leader Dick Armey and his wife, who have become fixtures at Town Council meetings.

Funny, when there aren't any connected people involved, the state uses it's eminent domain power to force corporate owned pipelines through people's private property.

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That is hypocrisy at a whole new level.

The mind absolutely boggles.
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