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BCA conclude in this report, "over the longer run, Europe faces weak stocks, a strong euro"

Is the strong euro bit a surprize to anyone?

In the process of moving another chunk of my euro cash to other currencies ...
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The good things about the BCA:
(1) They're very good analysts
(2) They give away a lot of the conclusions for free in their web tips.

The bad things:
(1) Without the reasoning behind these, you can't know whether to believe them!
This is a precis of their detailed 15 page analysis which I got last Friday.
The case is actually quite eloquent with a strong theoretical underpinning.
**If** they save the euro, have tight rein on government spending, and
keep interest rates low (all of which seem likely), the euro is likely to be strong.
(2) the subscription price is eye-watering.

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