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Just read this piece in the Monitor that I thought some might find interesting, given the issue of countries like China plowing inbalance of trade money into US T-bills. Apparently India is saying it doesn't need international financial help for coping with the Tsunami (of course, they didn't get the brunt of it), and there are some wider implications of what to do with excess capital, besides subsidize the US debt in order to keep the export market flowing.
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A very interesting article. The global landscape is changing as we speak. Wonder why Thailand turned down France and German donations but accepted international aid?

Also, note the last chart where the US is one of the top ten government donors, but doesn't make the top ten chart for personal donors. I thought there was a lot of personal donation from the US.

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"subsidize the US debt "

US capital market returns have been enormous.

Foreign investors WANT to invest in US growth.

and have.
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