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As many of you know I bought a vacation house last January from a couple that smoked endlessly. It being a small place, the smoke was concentrated and a huge concern. I scrubbed and primed with oil based Kilz, which helped significantly, but a smell lingered. We soon got used to it, but it was quite noticeable when we went in the house and our clothes carried the odor back to our primary residence.

After lots of research, showing a trend of $400 plus units breaking down regularly, I bought for $139 this Made in the USA bare bones product: The reviews for this product was across the board excellent, and I loved the company philosophy of build to last but make repair easy when needed. These ozone generators are not for use when you are in the house, so a fancy cabinet was not needed. It's pretty darned small, but handles 7-800SF at a time. I confess that the moderate price was also attractive, given I was not sure that it would take care of the problem.

Being cautioned by their website to take things slowly, I ran the ozone generator for 2 hours and went hiking. I shut the heat off as the ozone dissipates more slowly in the cold dry air. I used a second fan to encourage the ozone to penetrate into the bedroom and bathroom from the great room. They suggest using a timer to eliminate exposure, but my timer did not accept the three pronged ground. Instead I used an extension cord to the plug near the door and simply reached in to unplug while holding my breath. I did not open doors and windows, and when I came back 4 hours later, the smell of the ozone was still very strong though quite tolerable. It is not an unpleasant smell.

So that was done Friday, and when I left Monday AM there seemed to be no return of the stale smoke smell. The best test of that will be when we head back for Thanksgiving, after being closed up a couple of weeks, but my clothes that I brought back don't smell like a bar. Unfortunately, it did not kill the insects in the house, which perhaps would have happened with longer exposure.

On a side note, our contractor is finally getting some things done, and I had a very productive weekend as well. Unfortunately, driving home something took out my side mirror on the car, either a bird or perhaps something not secured to a truck ahead on the highway where 70mph is legal speed, and I have to go get repair quotes today. I'm just glad it wasn't the windshield that got hit, which would certainly have shattered and cause me to lose control of the car. No matter how well we drive, and I do consider myself to be a good driver, not all is in our control or avoidable for that matter. I confess, I never saw what hit me, it was that fast. Hopefully, no one behind me was impacted either, as I waited for the next exit before dealing with the scene. I'll take the bird over the scene I saw with the car that took out the deer at those same speeds. Driving through the country can be hazardous to your health.

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