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I created a page for "Help: Quick Writing Tips," but it's not listed with the other help pages, like "Help: Template, Help: Contest," etc. It can be found on the A-Z page by using "help" in the namespace bar at the top.

The gist of this fascinating post: Can the "quick writing tips" page be moved to be listed on and linked from the "help pages" page?
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Sure can. If you'll notice at the bottom of all the other help pages there's a little line that says:
[[Category:Help pages]]

This adds that term to a category page. I went ahead and added it to the writing tips page:

I also redirected "Quick Writing Tips" to "Quick writing tips" for uniformity:

All the categories are aggregated at:

Feel free to add any term to any category page. Other than automatically displaying all the terms that it contains, the category page works just like any other wiki you can edit the text at will.
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