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Jedi buddy,
I'm now fully on board with your notion that America needs a full dose of liberalism. Good and hard, delivered with an iron boot to the crotch. A slow, steady decline in cultural norms, a lack of a national sense of pride or identity coupled with the rise of a generation that lacks focus, the will to compete/win and any work ethic has led us to where we are today: four more years of disaster.

I say the GOP shouldn't fight a thing Obama wants. Over on CF I've posted MY new tax plan: stop patching the AMT (lower the bar, in fact), a financial transaction tax, increases in cap gains, the works. Each of them is designed to nail a specific area of the national income equation:

GDP = C(1-t) + I + G + (X-I)

C = consumer spending
t = taxes
I = investment spending
G = government spending
(X-I) = Exports - imports

I'm especially proud of my financial transaction tax. Couple that with my capital gains and AMT "reforms" (I want to hit S-corps with it, too - should nail small businesses good), and the investment portion of GDP should slow to a crawl.

I think some teaching needs to be done. Specifically, all those 20-somethings who are unemployed and living in Mom's basement - and who voted Obama - should be taught a lesson or two. Maybe they'll learn something when they're 40 and finally have saved enough for their first apartment.
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Maybe they'll learn something when they're 40 and finally have saved enough for their first apartment.


Nah, they'll still say it was Bush's fault. <g>

I'm on-board with you and Jedi. There is no way on he!! that any Republican plan to fix the economy will ever be approved. Therefore let's step out of the way and let the Dems have full control/responsibility and see what they can do besides continuing to blame Bush.

It's a lot easier to blame someone else than it is to actually fix a problem.

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Hi Dope1....

Demography and Free Trade costed the GOP the Presidency this year, along with Hurricane Sandy.

Here's the ONE problem right now....Republicans kept the House. That means that they'll save Liberal professionals from the true punishment they deserve via tax increases, etc. I'm hoping the GOP caves on most everything.

I like alot of your list. Here's a few things I'd like to see. Again, these are things that Obama or other Leftists have espoused. These are things that I think will punish people, especially Liberals. As someone who pays ZERO income tax for now...I could care less. 47%'ers are patriots because we watch game shows and pay sales tax on our lunches according to Libs.

Tax Health Benefits Fully
I wonder who gets juicier health insurance from their jobs? The software expert in Caliphornia, or the mechanic in Alabama? It's time Liberal professionals pay thru the nose for their health insurance.

FAIRNESS! WHY Should yuppies get a tax-free perk while McDonald workers don't get such a perk?

Limit the Mortgage Interest Deduction

Let's see, who has the higher mortgage balance? The average homeowne in Alaska and Texas, OR in Boston or San Fran? Yep, it's the Liberal professional. Cap the deduction for homes costing under $300,000.

*OH!* As the value of pricier homes decline, so does the property tax associated with it. This will hurt the local school systems and wealthy Liberals will have to deal with it.

This will punish Liberal professionals. ALSO it'll mean less construction jobs. Less materials and equipment purchases and other ripple jobs like furniture. Sadly this will cost middle class jobs....BUT that will lead to more welfare, more crime, more debt, and more reasons to steal from Liberal professional paychecks.

Leave AMT status quo, and EDUCATE the underclass about it.

All over TMF, these greedy 6-figure earning Liberal professionals crow for fairness. YET they want AMT reform for themselves. It's time every poor and middle class person in America start asking: Why does a rich person earning $150k need any more help? Let em cut back on their Whole Foods budget 1st.


Lately, greedy Liberals have dropped the "$200,000" threshold to whine for millionarres. See, this Libs make a few bucks but will never be millionarres so this better suits them.

NOPE, it's time "rich" households earning $200k are taxed higher. Now, keep in mind that these yuppies would have NO mortgage deduction so it would be easier to declare their AGI at 200k.

Let affluent places like Northern Virginia who loves Obama....start to pony up the money. Again I ask, where are more high earners? Caliphornia or Nashville?


We're now at 40% of births being out of wedlock. While this is a horrible crime on the's a marvelous punishment to society for every statistic and study shows, illegitimacy leads to welfare, crime, and misery....not education and prosperity.

This will make the underclass larger and more permanent and guess what? The skilled labor pool in America will shrink and Greedy Liberals will gloat cause they are in demand. But in the long run the underclass's demands will erode any gains Liberal professionals make, not to mention America will be less innovative because our population centers yield poverty, not advanced degrees.


I don't want just amnesty. I want CITIZENSHIP for every legal and illegal alien. MOST Mexicans are great hardworking folks. HOWEVER they have more kids than do affluent yuppies. My point is, I LOVE how Mexican immigrants will have more kids in school demanding bilingual education, while the parents pay NO income tax. This while the yuppy is footing the bill, and seeing his kids get lesser quality education thanks to the new crowd.

Also, the Latino population makes up a HUGE percentage of our prison and welfare population. Again, money spent here COULD go to infrastructure...but I think it's better that folks in DC or Boston fight traffic everyday. They deserve it, and they deserve the FEMA they have too.


Here's where I caught Liberal Racists and they hate me for it. They paint US as racists for not wanting millions of lawbreakers to be granted amnesty.

BUT, IT'S THE GREEDY LIBERAL trying to LIMIT skilled, educated immigrants who come to America. Why? because those immigrants don't cut grass for Liberals, they challenge Liberals for jobs. Liberals DESPISE these people yet *never* get called racist or greedy.

Fun stat: An immigrant gone to Canada is way more likely to have a college degree, vs an immigrant coming to America. Right now Canada, New Zealand, and other rich countries are actively seeking SKILLED, ENGLISH SPEAKING immigrants who usually don't do illegitimacy for sport, gang violence, welfare and prison.

Also, I'd like to see an even huger influx of immigrants from Muslim nations. These are law abiding people with excellent family values and unlike Liberal professionals, these people work hard. BUT.....many of them will preserve THEIR culture and lifestyles, and force Americans to adapt. They will also have MUCH larger families than the average European and American....making the future demography in the West a fun one....and BRUTAL one potentially. May the day come when a child in a public school in Northern Virginia have to pray 5 times a day, and tell his mother why she should cover her head.

Ask Europe's MIlitant Socialists how Muslims have responded. I hope the same comes to America.


Anything that makes hiring more costly and onerous will hurt job growth. So I SUPPORT these things.

Again, I've invented NONE of this. I'm only looking to help enact things that Obama and the Left support.

So far, so good. The last 4 years have sucked....but not quite enough.

We need another 4-8 years of this.

I've said it 4 years, I'll say it again..........

OBAMA 2012

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If I thought there was any chance the Lugnuts would learn anything and change, I would agree. However, I think all this will do is make the hole deeper and the makers will just have to pay more for more takers; or the hole gets so big is swallows all of us.
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