No. of Recommendations: 3
Early morning excursion to E-Dehllerin in the 1 eme to buy some Cuprinox #16 copper round pan casserole servers, lined with stainless steel, fish knives, and Laguiole steak knives.
Have read about this store, a family business since 1820, in present location since 1880, made their own copper pots up until 1945. Don't know why, but I expected a slick Williams-Sonoma type la-te-da floor plan. What I found was a 19th century ancienne warehouse, kind of organized, merchandise stacked floor to ceiling with bins overflowing with every imaginable cooking implement. We were met by a gregarious manager, a Gerard Depardieu double with pony tail. Wonderfully warm, full of superb advice, assessed my level of incompetence instantly and guided me into practical choices, all of which were less expensive than I would have chosen on my own.

The basement was reached by a dark, narrow, circular stairway with microscopic steps. The dungeon was dank, dark, dusty, with a low ceiling and held a treasure trove of kitchen implements, many of which I had no idea of their function. Giant stew pots, ladles, duck presses, rollers, scales for pastry, turbot kettles, knives of every description.
It was a fantastic experience, the staff was wonderful.


Lunch at Cafe Varenne, coffee and tart tatin at Les Deux Magots.

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