No. of Recommendations: 2
January 4th – Obamaholics Anonymous Meeting, Chicago IL. Tom: “Hello, my name is Tom and I think I’m an Obamaholic.” Group: “Hi Tom!” Tom: “I am a low-information Obama voter. I am swayed by slogans & celebrities. I believe taxing the rich will pay down the debt and not cost jobs. I think the trillion-dollar stimulus was the best way to create employment. I believe the debt crisis is a myth. I think President Obama will keep his 2008 promise and cut the deficit in half. I’m certain the Affordable Care Act will provide better healthcare at lower cost. I think Fast & Furious and Benghazi are made-up scandals by radical right-wingers. I regard anyone who disagrees with the President as a racist. And I still believe it’s all Bush’s fault. But I can’t find work, can’t afford to fill my tank and my life is still in shambles. Please, I need help!” Man: “Don’t worry Tom, you’re at the right place. Here’s a copy of the Constitution. Read this and come back next week. It’s the first step towards recovery for every Obamaholic.” P
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