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So this game is one of the first big successes from the new Kickstarter movement which is powering so many indie games these days.

It's a "rogue-like" where there's no going back to earlier saves if something goes wrong, but you can save and continue later. It's basically a simulation of a small spaceship, a little like in Firefly, roaming the galaxy while pursued by a chasing fleet of baddies. You are carrying vital data which must reach it's destination but the Rebels are right on your tail.

The graphics are basic but functional, the sound is limited, and the difficulty is high, but the replayability is spectacular.

My crew has suffocated to death when the hull was breached too much, burned up from uncontrollable fires ignited by both enemy missiles and solar flares, been blasted into tiny pieces by enemy action and caught by the rebels many times, they have never managed to reach their destination, but I'm raring to give it another go. There are several ships to unlock and a bunch of achievements, but none of them are too easy to do. Many times you'll come away from a game with nothing but a bit more knowledge of how the game works, and regrets about taking on those Giant Space Spiders in the space station when you could have sailed away...

Here's the Penny Arcade Report take:

It's only $8 or $9, and is available both on the games own website as a DRM free version and via Steam.

Highly recommended.
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Instant purchase! And I threw in a $10 tip as I support ALL good Roguelikes -- especially those that some of my favorite Fools recommend.

Thanks, John! I'm looking forward to getting fried, blasted, nuked, lost over and over.

--David <-- big-time Roguelike fan (favorite of all is Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup)

P.S. I would like to point out that today's big videogame release (three copies of which just showed up on my doorstep for family multiplayer) -- BORDERLANDS 2 -- derives a portion of its own gameplay from Rogue as well (as do all randomized looters....)
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So I looked at this and scoffed, "I'm not playing those sorts of games now! Pah!" Then I thought, "Meh, it's only a few bucks."

Man am I glad I did. And hour later and 10 minutes after I should have stopped I ran out of the house late for my next appointment. It is a lovely basic mechanic with lots of variety and depth and major choices involved in your ship progression and in the tactical combat. That being said, does anyone. It ever target weapons first in a straight on brawl?

I love the Rebel mechanic too.

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