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offers basically a 10% dividend.

Dont really know of any earth shattering developments to stop sales on their main mabs...

herceptin, avastin, lucentis, xolair, tysabri

If anything, Tysabri might increase sales over the next few years.

Anyone else ever look at PDLI recently?
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I've owned it for a couple of years.

Bought as a dividend play only. PDLI has fixed this dividend on the low side so they can attack debt. IMO they are pretty shareholder-friendly.

They have a lot of cash with which they propose to purchase new royalty streams; heretofore this hasn't happened.

Most of the patents expire in 2014 and 2015. So the business will start into run-off (without new revenue streams)relatively soon. They have about 6-7 employees.

Current picture:

Two large wild cards:

1. Bapineuzumab. If this actually works for Alzheimers then a potential revenue stream opens up. I don't know when this patent expires (or, at least, the revenue part of it for PDLI). There's also another mab in development for a-beta.

2. There is also litigation with Roche which may result in a windfall for PDLI. (Or, not)

I am kind of on the fence here. Mgmt hasn't shown a way forward--and, indeed, may not know what to do until some chips fall.

They have 2x debt as cash but have shown consistent interest in paying off debt and reducing interest charges.

There are probably dividend yields out there w/o so much uncertainty (I own plenty with uncertainty) but it is worth watching as now and then it dips into the mid $5's (where I own it) and gets awfully enticing...

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