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I received a letter saying that PEP will now charge $2 for optional cash purchases. It didn't spell it out whether or not that included automated monthly investments, so I'm assuming that it does. Can anyone confirm?

I currently invest $75 per month in PEP so that's ~2.5% lost in fees each month. I'm planning on stopping investments in PEP and picking up a new fee-free company. I'm thinking of DPS (Dr Pepper Snapple) since it would offset part of PEP's business. I was also thinking of PPS (Post Properties) or MMM (3M). My other monthly investments are listed below to give you an idea of the sectors that I hit. Any thoughts?

Duke Energy
Procter & Gamble
Pepsi Co
Spectra Energy
Aqua America
Bank Of America
Colonial Properties Trust
Exxon Mobil
Johnson & Johnson
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Except for BOA (I sold and bought Wells Fargo instead) your list seems reasonable.
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I have always loved that company, a time or two tried to interview with them, they are innovators.
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