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60-SECOND GUIDE TO ...Maximizing Your 401(k)
Is Your 401(k) Foolish?
Transfer or Roll Over Your 401(k)?
mPower Café (web site)
Foolish 401Ks discussion board

10 Facts on 403(b)s (web site)
Teachers discussion board


Accumulation/Distribution - Fool FAQ

After Hours Trading & The Instinet
Fool FAQ - After Hours Trading & The Instinet
After Hours Trading (web site)

ADRs (American Depository Receipts)

Analyst Recommendations
Can Analysts Be Trusted? (Buy Side/Sell Side)
Anatomy of an Analyst - Part 2 of "Can Analysts be Trusted?"
Yahoo! Finance Upgrades & Downgrades Questions and Comments / FAQ

Annuities: What's to Like?
Annuities discussion board

How to get the most bank for your buck (web site)
Online Banking discussion board

Bankruptcy (Company)
Ask The Fool - Bankrupt Companies
Worthless Stock

Beginning Investor
Fool's School
Self-Paced Beginners Investing Online Seminar
You Have More Than You Think
Investing Beginners discussion board

Beta - Fool FAQ

Bid/Ask Price - Fool FAQ (bid/ask size)

InDepth: Biotechnology
InDepth: Pharmaceuticals
Biotechnology - FAQ (post & discussion board)
Biotech Web Sites (post)

Blue Chips
Does Buying Blue Chips Still Work?

Investing Basics – Bonds (long)
BondsOnline (web site)
Bonds & Fixed Income Investments discussion board

Book-to-Bill Ratio - Fool FAQ

The Top Investing Books of All Time

Discount Broker Center
Fool FAQ - Opening a Brokerage Account/Broker Problems
SmartMoney (web site)
Discount Brokers FAQ (post & discussion board)
Full Service Brokers discussion board

Bulls and Bears -Fool FAQ

Canadian Investing FAQ (post & discussion board)

Investing Basics - Analyzing Stocks (short write-up near the end)
CANSLIM Investing discussion board

Capital Gains
Netting Out Capital Gains and Losses on Schedule D

Buying a Car
Buying and Maintaining a Car discussion board

Young Fools
Investing for Your Kids
IRAs for Kids

Paying for College
A Tax-Smart Way to Save for College
Hot Deals on Student Loans!
SavingForCollege (web site)
Paying For College discussion board
Paying Back Student Loans discussion board

Communications, Networks, and Wireless tutorials

Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)
A Foolish Math Primer

Curbs In (NYSE Trading Curbs)

Day Trading
Fool FAQ – Day Trading
Day Trading - FAQ (post & discussion board)

Debt / Credit Cards
The Lowdown on Your Credit Rating (obtain a credit report online)
Getting Out of Debt
Credit Card Goodies (web site) (web site)
Consumer Credit / Credit Cards - FAQ (post & discussion board)

Discounted Cash Flow
A Simple Method for Fundamental Analysis

Dividends - Fool FAQ

Dollar Cost Averaging in a Down Market

Drip Investing (Dividend Reinvestment Plans)
What if I can only invest small amounts of money every month?
Introduction to the Fool's Drip Portfolio (series)
National Association of Investors Corporation
Investing Without a Silver Spoon (Book on DRIP investing)
The MoneyPaper, Inc.
Drip Investing - The Basics discussion board
Drip Investing – Companies - FAQ (post & discussion board)

Earnings (use the pull down menu to select earnings)

Cash Flow-Based Valuations
Cash-Flow (EBITDA) & Non-Cash Charges

Employee Stock Options - Fool FAQ
Introduction to Stock Options

Ask The Headhunter discussion board

Estate Planning
Inheritance Tax
An Inherited IRA
Leave More for Your Family
Inheritance Strategies discussion board

Estimated Income Tax Payments

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) / Mutual Fund Alternatives
Fool FAQ – Spiders
The Age of the Exchange Traded Fund
A Foolish Review of HOLDRs
The ETF vs. Open-End Index-Fund Shootout
indexfunds - ETFzone (web site)
Morningstar (web site)
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) on Broad-Based Indexes

Fair Value - Futures
What Is "Fair Value?"

Federal Reserve Board

Financial Planners
Interview With a Financial Planner part 1
Interview With a Financial Planner part 2
Interview With a Financial Planner part 3
How to Choose a Financial Advisor
Financial Planning Association (web site)

Financial Sites
Microsoft Money Central
Yahoo! Finance
Superstar Investor
Fool Web Resources List

Financial Statements
Back to Basics – Intro to SEC Forms
10 Things to Look for in an Annual Report
10k Wizard (web site)
Marv's Financial Analysis Spreadsheet
Alternative Names for Financial Statement Terms (post)
Reading Financial Statements - FAQ (post & discussion board)

On Floats and Shares - Share and share alike

Fool 50 Area (check out links)

The Fool Ratio (PEG)

Foolish Four (Dow Dividend Approach)
Foolish Four Information Center
DogsOfTheDOW (web site)

Foolish Eight – Small Cap
Small Cap Foolish 8 Area (check out links)
Foolish Eight discussion board
Foolish 8 Spreadsheet

Foreign Exchange
FX Plot Interface (compares two currencies)

Basic Gift Tax Issues
Gifts of Stock
Charitable Contributions

Fool Glossary
InvestorWords (web site)

Goodwill's Real Value

A Look Inside Hedge Funds

Historical Quotes
Yahoo Finance (back to 1970)

Home Center
Taxes and Your Home Sweet Home
Money-Saving Mortgage Advice
Buying a Home discussion board
Building / Maintaining a Home discussion board

A Fool's Introduction to Indexes
Is the S&P 500 rigged? (web page)
Barra (web page)

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)
60-Second Guide to Opening an IRA
All About IRAs
IRA Distributions
Top 10 Roth IRA Questions
Publication 590 - Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs) (IRS web page)
IRA Minimum Distribution Calculator (web site)

Industry Lists
Hoover's (web site),2417,18_1757,00.html
Yahoo (web site) (web site)
Clearstation Sector Fundementals

Initial Public Offerings (IPO)
The ABCs of IPOs
Are Hot IPOs a Good Thing?
Initial Public Offerings - FAQ (post & discussion board)

Insider Information
ASK THE FOOL - The Inside Scoop

Insurance Center (check out links)
Crash Course - Disaster-Proof Your Finances (web site)
Insurance - Life, Car, Home, etc. discussion board:

International Investing - Fool FAQ

Introduction to Investment Clubs
Investment Clubs: How to Start and Run One the Motley Fool Way

Liquidity - Fool FAQ

Living Below Your Means
LBYM Sites/Newsletters
Tips for LBYM v2.0: Lifestyle (post)
Food (post)
The Dollar Stretcher (web site)
All Things Frugal (web site)
Living Below Your Means - FAQ (post & discussion board)
Coupons N' More - FAQ (post & discussion board)

Margin - Fool FAQ
Margin -- Friend or Foe?

Mechanical Investing (Stock Screens)
Monkban's Practical Resources for MI Stock Selection
Foolish Workshop - FAQ (post & discussion board)

Military Fools discussion board
Military TSP vs. Roth IRA

Mutual Funds / Index Funds
Mutual Funds Area (great links, read “Grand Overview”)
(web page)
mutual-funds Frequently Asked Questions (web page)
Morningstar (web site – rates funds)
Mutual Funds discussion board
Index Funds - FAQ (post & discussion board)

Options - Fool FAQ
Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) Learning (web site)
Covered Calls and Taxes (post)
Options - You Make the Call discussion board

Orders, Types of - Fool FAQ (examples Limit, Market)

Penny Stocks - ASK THE FOOL
Securities Fraud: Penny Stocks

Preferred Stock
The Power of Preferred Stocks


Real Estate discussion board
Considered REITs? Buffett Has
National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts
Realty Stock Review

Record Keeping
Which Tax Records To Keep
Weeding Out Your Financial Paperwork

Google (search engine)
Merriam Webster Dictionary
Investopedia (investor Information)
Webopedia (technical dictionary)

Relative Strength
Fool FAQ - Relative Strength

InDepth: Retail Area

Retirement Area (includes calculators)
Which to Use First: Taxable or Tax-Deferred Accounts?
Retire Early Home Page (web site)
AARP (web site)
Retire Early Home Page - FAQ (post & discussion board)
Retired Fools discussion board
Retirement Investing discussion board
Self-Paced Retirement Online Seminar

Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)
A Look at Return on Invested Capital

Rule Breaker Area (check out links)
Rule Breakers, Rule Makers

Rule Maker Area (check out links)

Self-Employed Fools discussion board

Shorting Stocks
Is Shorting Stocks Foolish? (great links)
Shorting Stocks discussion board

Short-Term Savings Center
Crash Course - Where to Stash Your Cash

Stock Certificates – Research - Fool FAQ
Stock Certificate Research Services
Old Stock Certificate Mysteries discussion board

Stock Splits
Fool FAQ – Stock Splits
ASK THE FOOL - Reverse Splits

Stock Symbol Codes - Fool FAQ

Stock Valuation
How to Value Stocks
How Are Stock Prices "Set"?

Notwithstanding our objective of trying to help out in this area, you should not take us as The Last Word or The Great Authority on this subject. We can, and will, make mistakes.
Tax Area (check out links)
How Will the Tax Cut Benefit Me?
Fairmark (web site)
Year by Year Analysis of HR 1836 (Quicken web page)
Deloitte & Touche – Seeds of Change The 2001 Tax Cut
Crash Course - Make the Tax Cut Work for You
Investment Tax Guide 2001
Tax Strategies discussion board

Technical Analysis (TA)
Is Technical Analysis Voodoo?
Technical Analysis from A to Z
Technical Analysis Trading discussion board

Tracking Stocks
The Right Track on Tracking Stocks

Venture Capital

Wash Sales

Wireless Buyers Guide

Young Fools - What's Here at Young Fools?
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