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Just yesterday I went out for lunch because I had a hankering for some Petai beans. My Indonesia GF turned me onto Petai beans a long time ago but she does not really like me eating them when I am with her now for reasons I'll get into in a bit.

I don't think many Westerners could really take a lot of Indonesian food, even though, I found it is very delicious once I got used to the wildly different flavors and taste that are different than what I am used to. Western food becomes down right bland once I got used to the Indo food.

The Indo Food I am talking about is the food that you actually find in places like Jakarta and the differing cuisines through out all of the Indonesia islands.

It is NOT that bland stuff that you get in some place that you find in the USA that has a sign above it that says something about being a Indonesian restaurant. You probably won't find Petai beans in those places.

Now when you order real Indo food, the typical westerner must be careful because they might not know what you are ordering. Indos eat things not normally eaten in the west or eaten very rarely. Indos like to eat a lot of organ meat such as liver, gizzards, hearts, kidneys, etc...I am not particularly fond of organ meat.

I am also not a big fan of how they serve fish in Indo. You basically get served the whole fish, head included, in Indo....I generally don't like looking the fish in the eye when I am eating it......but I love the Indo vegetables and the way they are prepared.....some of the best cooked vegetables I have ever eaten.

Well, the other day, I was ordering all this stuff and I made a mistake. I ordered something that had a ton of Cuttle Fish in it. I am not a big fan of Cuttle Fish ....too chewy for me. I ate a few of them but pushed most of them to the side. I only got some of the Cuttlefish down my throat because I also had some Petai beans on my plate.

If you never see the Petai Bean before then if you ordered them, you would think you are just getting some Lima Beans but the Petai Bean is VERY DIFFERENT than the Lima Bean.

Ah, the Petai bean.....also known as the Stink Bean. I just can not describe the taste....the best I can describe it as is pungent. After you eat the Petai Bean your breath will stink worse for longer than if you have eaten Garlic. They call it the Stink Bean for a reason.....but I love the taste of this stuff....It really spices up the flavor of the food that you eat it with.

It is a very strange world out there in the land of places we never been before.....going to some of these places is a most definite eye opener......Here is one eye opener for you....The Petai Bean:

"If you've travelled to Southeast Asia, it's likely that you've never eaten petai. And many people would say that you're not missing out - why would anyone want to eat something often referred to as "stinky bean"?

The petai bean (Parkia speciosa) is also known as the twisted cluster bean. It is most commonly eaten in Indonesia and Malaysia (the name petai is Malay). It is also relatively common in Thai and Lao cuisine, and you can often find the beans imported to the West being labelled with the Thai name, sataw or sator. It is also known to the Burmese and the Burmic peoples of North Eastern India.

It is classified as a member of the family Fabaceae, and thus is related to all the other bean varieties commonly used around the world. Indeed, when podded it resembles a young lima bean, with an impressively bright shade of green and almond-like shape. Its pods, which hang from trees up to 30m high, resemble longer, twisted versions of broad bean pods.

So how stinky are they? Well, the beans themselves are not particularly stinky at all. But once you eat them, you will begin to notice things. Like your urine and faeces will bear the unmistakable petai smell. That's clearly not a big deal, since no one expects their excretions to smell nice anyway. But the effect on your breath will be more worrying. Your breath won't smell too horrible - its not as bad as, say, raw garlic - but its enough to bug you. And when you burp - and believe me, if you eat petai you will burp - you get to taste the petai's odor all over again.

While raw garlic is worse, garlic-smell on the breath only lasts around a day at the most, typically. It is not uncommon for the smell of petai to be burped up and excreted for up to 3 days. So before eating petai, you really need to evaluate your chances of getting some kissing action for a few days. Because unless that person has also been eating petai, they're not going to think too highly of your oral hygiene unless you are constantly cramming in the Mentos. "


By the way Mentos is sort of like a version of lifesaver candy.

Ok...I got to go pick my GF up at the airport. Life is about to change for me because this girl can be a definite whirl wind sometimes.

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