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The plan was previously fee-free but overnight has become high fee.

Computershare has recently moved into Canada and taken over Montreal Trust's DRIP services. To date all Canadian Plans are fee free. This could all change.

Computershare is actively soliciting Cos. to the detriment of the small shareholder.

Below is a link to a petition to Intel to repeal the sudden changes.

If you know of anyone who might benefit by signing this petition could you pass the link on.

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Thanks for mentioning it here. I know I read a post by GLSmyth, that mentioned the petition (and had a link to the "other" boards).

I just want to confirm the date I started my Intel DRiP, then I'll come back to sign.

It is sad that companies like Intel can fall for ComputerShare's claims. It could/will have an affect on Intel loyalty/shareholders and ComputerShare's only concern is their bottom line. I would venture to guess the fees will add up to more than Intel was paying.

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