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Ok, so they should have named it the "BaitRegistry" but...


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PhishRegistry...Ok, so they should have named it the "BaitRegistry" but...


New sites let users find and report phishing

Security vendors are launching two Web sites aimed at helping people report and avoid phishing attacks. The Phishing Incident Reporting and Termination Squad (PIRT) is as a volunteer effort designed to take down phishing sites, while CipherTrust's site, due to be launched on Tuesday, will be a service designed to warn legitimate Web sites when they are being spoofed by phishers.


Hey CN,

May I ask a favor from you? Thanks, I appreciate that!

Would you please, at the very least, give us one paragraph of "said" story ( I just did for ya...) so we can determine from the headline AND paragraph as to whether we "want" to read the "rest of the story?"

Please don't take this too personally...I realize that some places...TMF even..."frown upon" us "stealing" "portions/whole articles" and whatnot from web sites because they're afraid they'll be sued, but, by law, we are allowed (protected) to copy a "portion" of a news article to repeat for others to read without repercussion.

Regardless, it would be nice if'n y'all would at least provide a portion of said article so's we could decide in advance as to whether we actually want to read said story if'n it interest's us.



** I read this one and am very interested...and am very happy you linked this one too!!
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Hi Bill (et al),

No problem! Makes sense... I'll try to be better about it in the future.

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