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Hey Doug,

What does this mean in english...

The Motley Fool owns shares of 3D Systems and has the following options: Short Jan 2014 $36 Calls on 3D Systems and Short Jan 2014 $20 Puts on 3D Systems.

...DDD feels expensive to me with a near $3B marketcap ($31 pps), but it is a growth stock, so who knows:

Is the Fools option position downside protection thru Jan 2014 given the underlying Long position? A means to pocket some premium (return) while waiting for the next leg up next year? Ultimately bullish?

Or is it an attempt to increase the current Long position at anytime between now and Jan 2014 in expectation of a bullish rally in the short-term?

Or is it a more complicated options stance that can benefit either way? Or maintain neutrality?

One of these days this will be my second language, but for now, reading "Short" w/Call or "Short" w/Put positions still confuses me. And together, forget about it (Lol)

Tye, aka SM2K
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long stock short calls & puts. nice conversion. either option gets exercised the position closes w/a nice profit
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