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How long do you typically stay at a campground?
1 night
2 - 4 nights
4 nights - 1 week
1 - 2 weeks
> 2 weeks

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Although we averaged 3-3.6 nights per camping spot this trip (3 if you count one-nighters in parking lots, 3.6 if you don't), we more typically average 4 nights per stay, with 1- and 2-nighters interspersed between 4-8 day stays. We'd like to do more 1-2 week stays in future, especially if we continue taking 4-6 month trips.
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There are "getting to where we want to go" campsites and then there are "destination campsites".

When we are on the move and don't disconnect the tow vehicle we only spend one night. When we are at a destination campground we spend a week or two. Last years fall trip we spent 4 nights on the road getting to Glacier NP, 5 nights on the west side of Glacier, 4 nights on the east side of Glacier, one night on the road, two weeks in Yellowstone, one night on the road, 7 nights in Moab, Utah, 9 nights in Capitol Reef National Park, Utah, two nights on the road coming home. Get the picture ;)

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