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Its Nov 2000. You've discovered this fancy new site called Motley Fool. You enjoy it. And they talk about indexing and dividend reinvestment and you think ok I've got a little money and I want to set it aside for retirement. YOu get to pick three. S&P 500 index, Ford F), Johnson and Johnson (jnJ), 3m (mmm), Reality Income (o) (a Reality Investment trust), ATT (t) and P&G (pg). So pick your three. Now it is Nov 2010 how did you do? Pick from below. One of these gained 1200% during a three year period during this decade. Might help might not.
jnj, pg, f
s&P, T, mmm
s&P, pg, jnj
pg, o, mmm
o, t , F

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My logic probably would have gone like this:

If it was money I could "risk" a little, I dont think I would index with the s&p - so three individual stocks would be the choice.

jnj = p&g (from a diversification strategy, right: both consumer products. While technically jnj is healthcare/drug manf. I just think of them as consumer goods) so I probably wouldn't pick those two as part of a trifecta. would prefer jnj.

MMM as a conglomerate is along the lines of S&P - so not those two together... IT also overlaps a bit with the jnj and lesser with pg. MMM with either one of these would be depending on the "value" at the time..

And just for behavioral finance points - I never did like Ford.. I did own a T-bird a few years back - not the greatest experience - so probably not!!

O - a little diversification- would have had to given this one a checkup - if it was healthy - probably..

I do/did like T back then (which I currently own)

So what does that leave - the Rx (in order of preference)

jnj, pg, f - #5
s&P, pg, jnj - #4
o, t , F - #3
s&P, T, mmm - #2

Would have left me with:

pg, o, mmm
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