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What is the best way to invest in 3D printing?
All of them, with most of the money in DDD.
Some diversified combination, with DDD being one-third or less of the entire investment.

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Don't forget ONVO!
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It may be difficult to sort out the winners but David and other MF writers and analysts -- (as well as lots of other stock analysis folks on several sites) have identified 3D and Stratisys as probably the two leaders each having their own strengths. And lots of folks seem to be climbing on this band wagon now.

3D in retail and personal printers and supplies for same and Stratysis in the larger commercial sector. Both companies have had great growth in 2012.

3D has been eating the competion through aquisition. Also just introduced a new personal printer at CES.

I own 3D and will stay long on it. I think the company has a great product and they seem to be doing things right. They are a "game changer" and will be part of (hopefully a leader in) a revolution of printing/manufacturing. (Insiders also own a lot of shares and they ain't selling them off.

I also agree with you celia -- I think "Don't forget ONVO" is an understatement. Printing living tissue and soon to come replacement organs. How revolutionary can you get. I am also long on ONVO.

Part of the resason that I am involved in the market is to find companies that will affect the "big picture" and both of these have the possibility of being like MSFT. (And of course I want to be in them early and profit greatly)

If you can find it George Soros has an interesting theory on comapnies like these that he has expressed as a graphed curve over time. I saw it on one of the stock analysis sites but don't remember which one --- sorry. Basically he says the company grows like crazy early on, then takes a dip and then continues to rise as it matures. Go George.

Yes this is risky territory but what great fun and maybe "WOW" gains!

Good luck "Risk Takers and Visionaries" Fool On
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