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 40% (30 Votes)
Rule Makers -- I like to invest in industry leaders
 42% (32 Votes)
Rule Breakers -- I look for the Next Big Thing
 17% (13 Votes)
I can't make up my mind.
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I can't really say that EITHER strategy is superior as each has a different purpose. Rule Makers seem more of a "buy a few big steady earners" which is an attempt to find a safer long term winner while Rule Breakers is more of a "buy a spectrum of risky aggressive company's" in an attempt to find one or more big winners. Considering that you might have to invest in 10 rule breaking type company's to find one that takes off it kind out balances out the steady gains expected from the rule makers.

It's not so much about which style is superior so much as it's which one works best for me. :)

So I'll have my index funds and toss in a hefty slice of MSFT...and I'll figure out what proportion of my portfolio I'm happy tossing into the exciting roller coaster of Rule Breakers. I want a sound stable foundation to stand on but give me the excitement and interest that comes from those small ground breaking entrepreneurs!

FYI - I voted for Rule Breakers but I wanted to vote for BOTH

Karl ~ strolling through
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I must say that Ryan won me over with the initial round, but Tim won me over with the rebuttal. When you place a value on a company, and therefor a stock, you must factor in future cash flow -- and projecting future cash flow has to include considering growth (or, gasp!, shrinkage). Thumbs up on Rule Breakers!

I'm just a sucker for Benjamin Graham quotes, I guess.

Foolish regards,
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