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Been about 9 months since the last post, thought I'd ask for general opinions about the company with current events in mind.

Here are some positive articles I came across, with relevant samples:

"For instance, there are still regional banks that analysts feel are in pretty good shape to emerge from the crisis largely unscathed. US Bancorp and Zions Bancorp, are among those cited by analysts as having strong capital bases."

" Zions is an example of how many regional banks that avoided the lure of big profits from subprime mortgages saw their stocks dragged down anyway after the subprime blowup — the stock market's version of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.....
"Simmons says he's proud that just 0.59% of his bank's loans result in losses. By comparison, among the nation's five biggest banks, the rate is more than twice as high, averaging 1.48%......
"'This is a higher-quality bank with a great footprint,' says Christ [no relation to the Buddha] . 'They've been dragged down by a function of what's going on in their markets'.....
"James Abbott, analyst at Friedman Billings & Ramsey, says the need for Zions to conserve capital forced it to cut back on making loans. 'When the storm moves past, Zions' growth rate will return to a nice strong clip.'"

"Over the long term, Zions possesses significant franchise value given its footprint, historical core operating performance and long-term growth potential....."

And lastly, Morningstar still thinks the company is worth ~$47, through they have revalued lower many times in that infuriating way Morningstar does.
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I read that USA Today article on plane ride home from SLC, got the warm / fuzzy, and soon after bought shares in ZION. I'm hoping its one of the silver linings in the dark cloud.

An honest bank that resists the lure of the quick and unethical dollar, then triumphantly rises from the ashes of speculation.

Could be a long shot, but worth it to me.

Good post, thanks for the info.

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