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"The decrease in value of such companies as Mosaic Company (MOS) and the Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan (POT) has recently made headlines in the financial news. Many investors have fled the agriculture sector, thus driving stock prices down even more. Based on my analysis of the sector, I believe now is the best time to buy shares of Potash. This article will explore and document the reasons why I believe Potash will be the best-performing stock out of the entire agricultural sector.

Based on recent news that the United States is exporting more wheat and corn than ever, there is going to be an increased demand for fertilizer for these crops. Coupled with Potash's nearly 25% drop in stock price, there is a strong case for buying shares of Potash. Investors should purchase the stock because it is has exposure to all three of the world's major types of fertilizers, which are urea, nitrogen and phosphate. The lull in world food production can only be temporary, however, as the world population is rising at an alarming rate. Rising population rates will inevitably create a domestic and worldwide demand to produce more food for growing populations. United States farmers had a record year in 2011, and still continue to produce at full capacity. This recent increase in farming means that farmers worldwide will create greater fertilizer demand. Moreover, because Potash is one of the six companies that dominate the world's fertilizer market, coupled with an increased world demand for fertilizer, Potash's stock has nowhere to go but up. Based on these reasons, I believe Potash is in an ideal position to increase productivity, which will in turn increase its stock price."

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Thanks Starrob. I always appreciate your take on things. After the run up following the GG rec, I put in a limit which executed on recent decline. Thanks again for your thoughts.
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