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FAME made quite a jump today... I suspect that it comes in response to an investor forum held last Saturday in Phoenix... I've copied the press release for this event below.

Also, Flamemaster has lots of information posted at its website at

Hope this helps,



NASDAQ Investor Forum Exhibitor Profile for Flamemaster Corporation

PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 5, 1998--The following is a
profile for Flamemaster Corporation, who will be an exhibitor at the
NASDAQ Investor Forum, March 7, 1998, at the Phoenix Civic Center

Company Name: Flamemaster Corporation

Trading Symbol: FAME and PERF

Presentation Date/Time: Saturday, March 7, 1998, 11 a.m.

Company Address: 11120 Sherman Way

City/State/Zip: Sun Valley, CA 91352-4949

CFO/Investor Relations: Joseph Mazin, President or Barbara Waite

Investor Relations Phone: 818/982-1650

Industries: Specialty Chemicals and Computer

maintenance products

Web Site:

The Flamemaster Corporation is a Southern California based
Specialty Chemicals manufacturer that has been in business since 1942.
The company operates in the following market areas:

Fire Protection

Manufactures and markets flame retardant coatings used in
industrial applications to prevent the propagation of fire along
electrical cables, Fire Stop systems to seal openings in walls or


Manufacturing and selling a line of Sealants used in aerospace
and marine applications, typically to seal aircraft fuel tanks and
pressurized passenger or crew compartments, to seal optical devices
and in connection with the seaworthiness of commercial and naval
vessels, as well as pleasure craft. The Company also manufactures
epoxy-bonding compounds for construction materials, epoxy joint
sealers and silicone thermal coatings and sealants. These specialty
compounds are designed to meet the exacting specifications of
particular market niches.

Aerospace Coatings

High heat resistant coatings sold under the Dyna-Therm label
meeting various governmental and commercial specifications for a
variety of applications providing thermal protection to components and
surfaces subject to the heat and erosion effects of a rocket launch
and flight through the atmosphere.

Other Operations

Flamemaster Corporation holds over 19% of the outstanding shares
of PerfectData Corporation (Nasdaq:"PERF").

PerfectData Corporation is one of the world's most recognized
manufacturers of computer cleaning supplies and accessories. These
high-tech products have been conceived, designed and developed to help
maintain the new electronic office, home computer equipment, and
financial transactions equipment (ATM Machines). PerfectData's
cleaning supplies minimize and help eliminate dust, dirt, and other
contaminants, thereby enhancing user performance.


Flamemaster Corporation, Sun Valley

Joseph Mazin or Barbara Waite, 818/982-1650


BW0224 MAR 05,1998
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Thanks a lot..

I've seen both..
I'm now even on FAME.

I was hoping when they anounced that they were giving a 20% extra stock dividend that the stock would pick up in price and volume, but that doesn't seem to be the case, fund managers still are pouring big money into the blue chip stocks, because in my humble opinion,it's the easy way out for them..

P.S. my girlfriend works for a subsidary of Alcoa, and she called to tell me she'd goten to work ok, in the snow storm, and in a btw told me that she'd gotten word that Alcoa was buying AMX, and told me to look it up. I found that it opened 10+ higher,brokers and moneymonger make a bundle and the little guy gets stuck with the remnants or the hopes that the stock remains the same or goes up.. might as well use a dart...
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