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Hi I'm a New, New, New investor.

I read in a book that we should check price performance tables.
It is suggested that you look for a Rank of 80 meaning price outperforms
80% of all companies.
It also said to look for Prices Industry Rank.
Where can I find this on the Fool site ?
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I see you have been reading many books by the IBD (investors business daily). I always look for stocks that have a ranking of 85 or better. Also the relative strenght of 85 or better.

I buy my monday's IBD paper on Saturday to do some research over the weekend.

The next thing you must learn is when and how to pull the trigger.

peruse the following by entering key words in the very top Search box.

Have fun and enjoy the journey.

Quillnpenn - enter your favourite ticker symbol.
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I am always cautious about any investing resource that says you have to buy it to access the information. What I like about TMF is that they don't promise some secret fountain of data, but simply offer to help you sift through and manage the data that is already out there.

Who much prefers the phrase knowledge is power over knowledge is profit...
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