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Hello. I am Abadou. I am Hochizen's friend. He lets me use his cyberscreen to type on the Moldy Fool. I am NOT like him though because I am a Good Republican.


Well, you might say, Abadou where have you been? And when I say you I mean me when you are saying you and you means you when I say you. Ok?

First off I have been busy because I know that ACORN stole the last election because what Republican in there right mind would vote for Obama right? So I have been recounting the votes myself and that is NOT easy because there were lots of votes that people made and plus if something distracts me I lose count and have to start over. But let me say that it does look like ACORN was to able to steal the election because I can't get anyone interested in just HOW so many black people got registered to vote to begin with? Something smells here and it isn't just liberals!

HA HA take that you liberals! You smell!

And when I say you I don't mean you, I mean liberals. Unless you are a liberal but if you were you wouldn't be reading this because you would be trying to marry a man and get an abortion. If you are a man. Because liberals who are men want men to marry men and have abortions because they like killing babies. Liberals, not men. But liberal man do to. Abortions. Liberals. They smell.

You know what I mean!

So who can't be prouder of our privatization then the schools of Attleboro Massachusetts where kids who didn't have money didn't get food? That would be me, and you to! See, if kids didn't have money on their lunch card they were made to throw out the food they were going to eat so they learned a lesson that is valuable! If you don't have money, America will want you to starve! At least that is what Good Republicans believe! Because if you don't have money then you aren't a real American because Americans have money and personal responsibility and if you dont have money you should just quite middle school with its liberal ivory tower communisty academics and get a REAL JOB. THEN you can get food. And if you whine you cant find a job then you should go get an education so you can get one. Accept for a liberal education because that is just a waist.

So here is a bit THANK YOU to the privatizationism of school lunches! If it was a government running it they would probably just feed kids. THIS is better because the company is making a PROFIT that will trickle on those kids one day, and in some ways it already has!


I am Abadou.

Buy bye.
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