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The Fool: Briefly explain how you select stocks.
CVSUSN: Initially bones, dice, sheep's entrails, and pig's bladders. Recently began following a shaman of some repute.
The Fool: Describe the most embarrassing personal moment you'll admit to!
CVSUSN: I'm taking a real risk here. It involves the shaman. He'll be loathe to hear about this incident. It's still a soar spot between us. After a long trek into the desert and up one of the higher mountains, my tribal guide and I made it to the shaman's cave just as the shaman was about ready to walk off the cliff. I grabbed him by the wrist just before he went off the ledge. I was humbled to not only touch this man, but to save his life. Expecting profuse thanks, I was taken aback by the shaman's anger for wakening him from his altered state. Silly me. Levitation at ten thousand feet is one of the best means to devine the next stock pick. Okay, the most embarrassing part? It was the day of the Amazon.com IPO and guess who didn't devine it? Yep. You can thank me.
The Fool: What's been your best investment to date and how did you discover it?
CVSUSN: @Home and discovered right here, however did consult with the shaman. I was a bit surprised when he examined the mouse liver. I hadn't considered that. These shaman are worth their weight in gold!
The Fool: Do you have a favorite company or stock which the worldwide Foolish community should know about -- and why?
CVSUSN: Either ABC or XYZ Corporations. You pick 'em. It's dead even. Talk about research. They're written about in every financial text you'll find. They make something called widgets. Lord knows what they are, but brother they make a lot of 'em. Based on the success of the widget, I expect them to seriously consider breaking into the internet with direct sales. "Widget.com" is the whisper name of the jointly held company. The shaman is really high on this new venture, particularly after the peyote buttons. Personally, I'm looking for a buyout from AT&T in order for them to further consolidate their position in personal communications. If that happens, watch those stocks go!
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