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The Fool: Describe the worst Internet experience you've ever had.
ChefJT: Shortly after buying my PC and going online for the first time. I was truly a junkie. One month I had over $150.00 in online service charges. Then I got my phone bill!
The Fool: What's your favorite movie, and why?
ChefJT: There are many. Field of dreams, Big Night, Bull Durham, Slapshot, but above all The Pope of Greenwich Village, Report to the Commissioner
The Fool: What has been your best work experience, and what made it so great?
ChefJT: Working for Hilton Hotels. Perhaps its just my impression because it was my first hotel and I was very green in the business, but the staff was the most professional I've ever been involved with. I learned not only my job, but how to dress, act, work with others. To this day, almost 20 years later, I've still never worked harder, or enjoyed it more.
The Fool: As you were growing up (or now, raising children), did your family have any distinctive rituals or practices others might do well to emulate?
ChefJT: After the Santa Claus thing evolved, we each were responsible to buy only one gift for one member of our family. Consequently you tried to find something very meaningful for the recipient. Now we also try to perform one act of giving over the holidays. It might just be bringing new socks to a homeless shelter, or volunteering to prepare a Christmas meal for a family less fortunate. But try to recall your blessings and share your good fortune.
The Fool: Share with us your best money-saving secret -- cutting coupons, sneaking candy into the movies, shopping on Wednesday and pretending you're over 65?
ChefJT: How about sneaking into the movie.
Nothing better to me than to put it away before I see it. Direct deposit stashes money into Checking, Savings, credit union and 401K for myself and my wife. A (401K) 100% match on the first 6% of my salary adds up nicely. With maximum contribution and match, I put away 20% per year for retirement.
The Fool: What's your favorite Fool message board?
ChefJT: I'm brand spanking new here, so I'll have to get back to you on that one. I have enjoyed reading about the company I work for (HET), and my wife's company (AZR).
The Fool: What's your greatest athletic achievement? Little League champ? Ran a marathon? Did 4 consecutive sit-ups?
ChefJT: Scored the Game winning goal in a summer ice hockey league championship when I was 18. Played softball against Al Pacino once. He's a pretty good short stop.
The Fool: What's been your best investment to date and how did you discover it?
ChefJT: My new job. I have a 100% employer match on the first 6% of my salary contributions. I don't know how good that is in the real world, but in Atlantic City, it doesn't get any better. My wife's company, for example, matches only 50% of the first 4% of salary contributions.
The Fool: List some of your favorite websites, with running commentary where appropriate. (Please provide the URLs, too.)
ChefJT: www.starchefs.com It's what I do for a living. If cooking is a hobby, try it, or www.epicurious.com
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