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The Fool: What is your favorite techno gadget?
HopsMaltYeast: foos ball table - Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays all.
The Fool: What lesson do you wish you’d learned ten years ago?
HopsMaltYeast: Not to trust investment hype from English majors. Been almost 3 years since I participated on TMF on a regular basis. 8/9/04 my friend Holg posted a short message about the Old MC with a link on another board. WTF - Martini Club is still dead, yet out of nowhere Hops is in the title of a thread. Bummer. Cool to see Scuba's name as postoing again, though.
The Fool: What's the best product you use that most people don't know about?
HopsMaltYeast: It doesn't exist. Amazing to me that after almost a year of absence that members of MC are still vilified. So it goes. Who cares.
The Fool: If you could change one thing about your workplace, corporate culture, or family life, what would it be?
HopsMaltYeast: That I would never see one of my customers say, "Minimum customer-focused activities threshold of 10 within last 30 days not yet met."
The Fool: Tell us a joke (bear in mind this is a family site.)
HopsMaltYeast: TMF is the most customer-focused organization on the Internet.<BR><BR>Minimum customer-focused activities threshold of 10 within last 30 days not yet met.
The Fool: What was the most significant discovery of the last century?
HopsMaltYeast: The Clapper
The Fool: Give a short description of your best and/or worst vacation.
HopsMaltYeast: Both were in the same vacation: SpouseHopsMaltYeast is the youngest of 6 siblings. Shortly after our wedding her family decided to do a vacation and family reunion on one of Georgia's Golden Isles. All of "them" and me... together for a week....with spouses...and kids....in one cottage. Some of the siblings I would not even meet until the reunion. I was terrified.<BR>Surprisingly, it turned out quite wonderful, even if my wife and I did have to practically sleep in shifts on a couch. As the youngest she was last in line for claiming sleeping arrangements.<BR><BR>At least we were on one of the world's most beautiful locales with fishing, swimming, music, parties, sailing and incredible seafood...and all night card games. And with that big of a family you can easily drift away and never be missed.<BR><BR>We now repeat the reunions, in much larger accommodations, (we now get an actual room) every 2 to 3 years. It is great. Looking forward to the 2002 edition.<BR><BR>(7/24/02 - The 2002 cottage and reunion - best ever for location, layout, amenities and fun with the young'ns. Can't wait for 2004.)
The Fool: What, in your opinion, are some of life's big mysteries?
HopsMaltYeast: The thermos bottle - it keeps hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold...how does it know?<BR><BR>Although recently I have been informed if you leave the top off it automatically seeks the temperature of space - either 3 or 4 degrees K, depending upon whom you ask and when.
The Fool: If you could be the CEO of any public company, which one and why?
HopsMaltYeast: How about the IPO for HOPS's "Barking Spider Brewery"? Of course that won't happen until after a mortgage burning, 2 sets of college educations and retirement, but it would be explosive. Watch for it! I'll post a heads up when the IPO is available.
The Fool: What's your favorite movie, and why?
HopsMaltYeast: "Raising Arizona"<BR>Because the movie runs for almost 15 minutes before the credits start. Also, it is very drippy and sweet, I like that. It is very much like the TV show "Ozzie and Harriett".<BR>It is the funniest movie I have seen a long time.<BR>"Gimme back that baby you wort hog from hell"<BR><BR><BR>"Raising Arizona" it gives me a sense of deja vu.<BR>Because the movie runs for almost 15 minutes before the credits start. Also, it is a wonderful slice of life and not too sweet & drippy.<BR>It is the funniest movie I have seen a long time.<BR>"Well, it ain't Ozzie and Harriett"
The Fool: Is there someone to whom you'd like to say 'Thank You,' but never had the chance?
HopsMaltYeast: Perhaps my Grandmother - Lucy Jubilee. Although I hope I did say 'Thank you', it could not have been adequate for what she did and meant to me. She was a very strong influence on me; she inspired honesty, forgiveness, realistic self analysis, hard work, a love of nature and photography, and a fine balance between independence and caring for others.
The Fool: Tell us about your greatest personal success, not necessarily finance related.
HopsMaltYeast: I completed the Philadelphia Distance run (half marathon) in a respectable, middle of the pack time. Considerable time and training went into meeting this goal and I was very proud to stick with it. You can gain tremedous satisfaction with average ability and hard work.
The Fool: Did you ever do something as a child that you look back on now and say, 'Wow, I'm lucky even to be alive after that!'
HopsMaltYeast: A hurricane hit my Florida hometown. The St. Johns River was well over the sea wall and a piece of someone's dock was floating in the street beside the river. My cohorts and I decided it would be a good idea to launch the dock back into the raging river with us on it pirate-like.<BR><BR>Today, you can hardly see where the stitches were.
The Fool: What's one of your special talents?
HopsMaltYeast: Neoplatonic photography. I manage to bring out people's best. Sometimes I obtain excellent results; more of what I see in them than outward appearance and may only vaguely resemble what others see in the subject. Sometimes they even like the results.
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