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The Fool: What industry do you follow most closely and why?
anarcho: The Internet. Because soon every company will be an Internet company. If GM can come out with an e-commerce site, why not everyone else?
The Fool: Okay Gilligan (or Ginger), you're stuck on a deserted island. What one material possession would you hope to have with you?
anarcho: A computer with a satellite linkup to the Internet.
The Fool: What, in your opinion, are some of life's big mysteries?
anarcho: Why there is such a thing as "nice guy syndrome" which is also considered to be a bad thing?

Why there was a country on this planet called the Holy Roman Empire when it was neither holy nor roman nor an empire.

Why was the latest Star Wars installment so lame while the Austin Powers sequel was so shagedelic?
The Fool: As you were growing up (or now, raising children), did your family have any distinctive rituals or practices others might do well to emulate?
anarcho: Everyday we would tell each other all the little things that bothered us about the other members of the family, so now everyone around me seems so nice and tactful.
The Fool: What's the strangest thing you've ever seen?
anarcho: An elf once popped up in front of me, yelled out "grimchy!" and then left.
The Fool: What product would you like to see us offer at FoolMart -- www.foolmart.com -- our online store?
anarcho: Porn.
The Fool: What's the most overrated idea, person, or event in our culture?
anarcho: Democracy. It is a tyranny of the multitudes over the individual. My vote never makes a difference (the closest federal election ever was decided by four votes) so I find it hard to believe that I actually have a say. There's no government like no government.
The Fool: Does ethics or 'socially responsible investing' have a place in your investment approach? How so? How not?
anarcho: Ethics, sure. I think its unethical when corporations don't take their shareholders into account when making decisions about the future of their company. Managers are working for US after all. Socially responsible investing does not however. The more money I make on the stock market the more I have to give to charity.
The Fool: If you could change one thing about your workplace, corporate culture, or family life, what would it be?
anarcho: Well, I'm a big believer in flattening hierarchies and/or moving to a more neural-net oriented business environment. So that's is definitely something I would change. It's time for the last remnants of the old ways of thinking to go the way of the dodo.
The Fool: What's your greatest athletic achievement? Little League champ? Ran a marathon? Did 4 consecutive sit-ups?
anarcho: Partied like a rock star during the Philadelphia Music Conference in 1994. Not a wink of sleep all weekend.
The Fool: What's your favorite movie, and why?
anarcho: The Empire Strikes Back of course. It is the by far the best movie in the Holy Trilogy, in terms of plot and special effects. Plus the Princess is so obviously hung over in most of it.
The Fool: If you could be the CEO of any public company, which one and why?
anarcho: Easy, Microsoft. All I would need to do is crash all the governments computers and then I'd be free to rule the world!!!! Just kidding. With over 40% net operating margin, what company can beat microsoft?
The Fool: When you aren't working or sitting in front of the computer, what occupies your time?
anarcho: I love to read. Everything from Cosmology to Quantum Physics to Kabbalah to Literature to Finance. I'm just a slut when it comes to all that. I also am a movie buff. All kinds of movies, including Buttman Goes to Rio.
The Fool: Describe your fitness program.
anarcho: Drink lots of vodka, smoke lots of cigarettes, eat lots of chocolate and ice cream. Hey, it keeps me thin. What can I say?
The Fool: If you had to pick an existing song title that best describes your life, what would it be?
anarcho: People are Strange
The Fool: Who's the meanest person you've ever met? What was so mean about 'em?
anarcho: My high school AP US History teacher. He really tried to torment you. He actually threw a term paper at me once and told me it was crap, and I was one of his favorites.
The Fool: Have you had a brush with fame, the proverbial '15 minutes'? Tell us about it.
anarcho: Well when I interned at the National Taxpayers Union I came across a congressional bill by Ron Dellums which was co-sponsored by half the democrats in congress which would have established a socialist dictatorship in the US. I mean this stuff was spooky. So my boss had me send out a press release to the Washington Times Inside the Beltway Column and the next week they did a story about the bill and mentioned me and then Rush Limbaugh picked it up and mentioned me on his radio show.

Not very major but I prefer to be the guy behind the guy behind the guy anyway.
The Fool: Which celebrity or public figure (past or present) do you most look like?
anarcho: Howard Stern with short hair crossed with Antonio Banderas.
The Fool: What's the best advice you've ever received?
anarcho: Life isn't supposed to be anything. Just take it as it comes.
The Fool: Give a short description of your best and/or worst vacation.
anarcho: I just took my best vacation. I went up to Boston and New York for a week and hung out with old college friends. I was in New York on New Years in a kick ass apartment drinking veuve clicquot champagne and watching the fireworks in central park from the balcony. It just doesnt get much better than that.
The Fool: Did you ever do something as a child that you look back on now and say, 'Wow, I'm lucky even to be alive after that!'
anarcho: Yeah, the time when I was around 8 and decided to walk around my building, on the ledge on the second story. I was trying to get over my fear of heights. It was fun, but damn.
The Fool: What other financial products or services do you use?
anarcho: Datek for my trading and the Wall Street Journal and CNBC in the morning for my news.
The Fool: What's been your best investment to date and how did you discover it?
anarcho: Amazon. I've known about Amazon for years, I remember when it first started out. After the Wall Street Journal wrote a story about them they had a big banner on their site saying "sorry if our site is slow but we arent used to the business that today's article has generated." I was putting off investing in it though until about 6 months ago but then decided to take the plunge after I had just sold off a stock which was underperforming. The value of my stock is up 1000% since then.
The Fool: Do you have a favorite company or stock which the worldwide Foolish community should know about -- and why?
anarcho: Capital One Financial Corporation (COF). They use computers to individualize the credit card offers that they give people. Its a very efficient system and has made them one of the biggest credit card issuers in the world. Their financials get better every quarter. Be sure to check them out.
The Fool: List some of your favorite websites, with running commentary where appropriate. (Please provide the URLs, too.)
anarcho: www.amazon.com - the most dangerous site on the internet. Im up to $100 a month.

my.yahoo.com - personalized news, weather, horoscopes, how can you beat that? Free email too.

www.facade.com - Tarot readings, biorythm compatability charts, stichiomancy, if you are into that stuff, this is a wonderful site.

www.theonion.com - Some of the funniest stuff ive ever read. One headline read "News Flash: Canada has own laws, government"

www.bionomics.org - Okay, im partial. I was the webmaster here and provided much of the editorial content (be sure to check out vitamin b and the journal of bionomics). It has a place in my heart.
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