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The Fool: Okay Gilligan (or Ginger), you're stuck on a deserted island. What one material possession would you hope to have with you?
masiarawm: Ginger! <g> A hair brush. I could wear palm fronds. I could eat fruit. I could make a tree house like Robinson Caruso. <splg?> But, I have never found a substitute for a good hairbrush!
The Fool: Tell us about your greatest personal success, not necessarily finance related.
masiarawm: I left an abusive husband. We got joint custody of our son. I never wanted to believe that he would actually hurt our son. He did. I fought for 3 years and finally got sole custody after I found out about the abuse. (Yes, I know it's probably pretty stupid to think a man who abuses his wife wouldn't abuse his child.)

It took another 4 years to turn my son around. He was severely mentally abused by his father. It took alot of love and support from me and the rest of our family to help him heal. He would hit the ground sobbing if you even raised your fists to put them on your hips. (You know, the classic "Mom is mad" stance.) If I sent him to his room and he had to pass me, he would cower away from me. (I have NEVER hit my children!)

My son is now a teenager. He's a Boy Scout, in the Junior National Honor Society, and competes in choir contest where he made the All Region Choir in the Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Bass choir, the highest honor. He is well liked my his teachers and classmates. I am always getting compliments on his behavior every where we go.
The Fool: How'd you find out about the Fool? (Make your answer as colorful and truthful as possible.)
masiarawm: I first got into TMF because it was free and gave me points for AOL rewards. <g> Then, I got the email stuff from TMF and was intrigued. Then, I saw the book and bought it. Now, I'm hooked!
The Fool: Have you had a brush with fame, the proverbial '15 minutes'? Tell us about it.
masiarawm: Well, I went to high school with Darron Norwood (CW singer). Does that count? And I met Doug Supernaw(CW singer) at a backstage party and later he got my phone number from a friend of mine who worked at one of the radio stations that sponsored the concert. He called but I didn't believe it was him. Then he sent me 1 dz roses for my birthday. After my friend told me she had given him my number I believed but he never called back. Shucks.

Wayland Jennings (CW singer again) is from a small town near here (Littlefield) and he often comes home for the 4th of July celebration. I was riding my horse in the parade one year with my Saddle Club and we rode right behind his car. I got to meet him. Since he's a celebrity, the parade was televised and by virtue of being directly behind him....I was on TV!
The Fool: What's the most overrated idea, person, or event in our culture?
masiarawm: That building more prisons will cure the crime problem. Actually, better education will help more.
The Fool: What's one of your special talents?
masiarawm: I learn computer software programs very easily and can recall the correct commands even when I don't have that program up. A friend of mine who is a manager at ATTWS works from a VO in NC. She often calls or IMs me to ask software questions even though I don't have the programs she uses on my computer. I can still help her out and she says I'm more reliable than her IS department.
The Fool: What has been your best work experience, and what made it so great?
masiarawm: This may seem strange. I've worked in the temp clerical field for 16 years but my best work experience is where I am now. I took a PT job at an amusement park to get the cash to buy something extra I wanted. I am really enjoying it. It's fun and the people are wonderful. It's gonna be hard to go back to an office!
The Fool: What other financial products or services do you use?
masiarawm: I have one VISA card. I use it for *everything*. I use it at Walmart, at the grocery store, for gas, dining out, etc. Each payday I send off the payment for whatever I've spent. I HATE writing checks! Checks I use for paying the rent and utilities. The rest....Charge it! And no, I have no credit card debt. None.
The Fool: What's the best restaurant you've ever been to? (Include name, location, and average bill for two.)
masiarawm: Gardski's Loft, 2009 Broadway, Lubbock, TX around $45. More if you buy cocktails. The *best* fajitas, cheesecake and service going!
The Fool: What's your favorite Fool message board?
masiarawm: Just now getting into it so don't have a fave yet.
The Fool: What's been your best investment to date, and how did you discover it?
masiarawm: I bought this great book that I saw on the internet. The best read ever! It's called "Investing Without a Silver Spoon" <g>
The Fool: Do you have a favorite company or stock which the worldwide Foolish community should know about -- and why?
masiarawm: Not really. I first learned about DRPs when my mother was given one share in McDonalds on her 5th anniversary at the company. That was 20 years ago. She's done nothing except reinvest the dividends and leave it alone. I think she's got around 50 shares or so now. I haven't looked at her statement in a while.

I had no idea that just anybody could do that! I can't wait to start. Doing my research now.
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